Moose the DJ kicks off February with two parties this weekend

Thu. February 1, 2024 9:39 AM by Ross Forman

marc 'moose' moder

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Marc Moder kicks off February just as he does every month: he spins into his alter ego, Moose the DJ, and brings the beats for DILF and Tea at Aunt Jackies on back-to-back nights.

It’s a “thrilling but exhausting” kick off to the new month, every month, said the popular 54-year-old DJ who lives in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood.

First up: D.I.L.F. Match-a-Daddy is Saturday, February 3, from 9 p.m., to 3 a.m., at The Sofo Tap. Aaron Copley and Rickey Spivey will co-host, with Moose the DJ, and those who choose to play can break out of the rut and meet new folks by matching sexy cards, organizers said.

“Match-a-Daddy … we’ve been doing for 5 years now. It's our idea to get strangers chatting and meeting new people,” Moder said. “Rickey and Aaron will give you one of two matching hot daddy cards, and then if you need help, they’ll help you find your one match. When you do, both of you get a shot. It just gets folks talking to new people and gets them off the apps and into a public space; we all need more of that.”

Moose the DJ said the musical theme is “Love in all forms: good, bad and complicated.”

“Most songs will have a running theme to set the mood and get the dads mingling and making out, hopefully,” he said. “We get a full house for this (event), and the weather is good, so the patio will be hopping. I suggest getting there at 9 p.m. Folks don’t believe me, but by 10 or so, we’re full until after 1 a.m.”

Rickey and Aaron, a married couple, both bring exuberant personalities that also help others break the ice on the meeting game. “They’ve been my hosts for 3 years and always do great,” Moder said.

The energy continues Sunday, February 4, at Tea Of Hearts, from 4-9 p.m., at Jackhammer (6406 N. Clark Street) – with Moose the DJ’s homage to Chicago’s 1990s Hearts Party at the Uptown Theater.

“So many remember the 1990s Hearts Party, later turned into Fireball, that (were held in the) massive lobby area at Uptown Theater,” Moder said. “I wanted to tap into that vibe as best I could with music played prominently at the Hearts parties, include some footage from Phil Meyer’s documentary.

“It’s my sole Tea Dance that will focus on the 1990s. Our ‘80s and disco nights have been our biggest, so hoping for the same enthusiasm.”

Moose the DJ said the Sunday party will focus 80 percent on the mid/late ‘90s big house sounds. There also will be some disco to kick off the party.

“This is our first one since 2019 at Mary’s Attic; that was a great crowd.”

Large crowds are expected for both parties.

“DILF, I want folks to get out of their damn living rooms, off the apps, and finally meet those folks who are tired of the same grid over and over. Breakout! Tea, come for the memories I hope to pry out of your dance brain,” Moose the DJ said.

Moder’s March also will include a bonus Lumbersexual party on March 16th with a St. Patrick’s Green Theme.