Halloween Treat: Sam Gee is back for CircuitMOM's Afterlife party, Oct. 28

Thu. October 26, 2023 7:46 AM by Ross Forman

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'CircuitMOM events are legendary; being part of one is a huge accomplishment,’ say Sam Gee

Sam Gee is heading back to Chicago for another popular local LGBTQ celebration: Halloween. The New York-based DJ is spinning on Saturday night, October 28, at the Afterlife party from CircuitMOM and CircuitSON Productions.

The sounds start at 9 p.m., at the House of Blues (329 N. Dearborn Street).

Gee is excited: “CircuitMOM events are legendary; being part of one is a huge accomplishment,” he said. “It’s an honor, really. CircuitMOM events have a unique vibe and being behind the decks is a special experience. 

“CircuitMOM parties are always wild. The crowds, the music, the atmosphere – it’s major. This past Market Days is a testament to that, top notch.”

Gee was last in Chicago a few months ago. He delivered lively sets that had partygoers dancing nonstop. “The last time I spun (in Chicago) was electric,” he said. “I get excited thinking about having that same energy this time as well.

“Parties on Saturdays have a more energized crowd. And, it’s Halloween (time), so I’m expecting a crazy night.”

Gee said the Afterlife theme is a “fresh take on a Halloween theme.”

Gee will bring a high-energy sound … with a Halloween twist. “I have a whole folder of music dedicated to Halloween that only gets played once a year,” he said. “My birthday is October 29, so Halloween has always been a great time for me. I often play on my birthday and wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Now Spinning … DJ Sam Gee

Favorite candy: “Definitely is sour watermelons. Specifically, sour watermelon that I found years ago in Madrid. It has a spicy taste, too.

Least Favorite Candy: Black licorice – “The after-taste is not my thing.”

Favorite Scary Movie: The Shining

Halloween Traditions: “Halloween has been a party-filled weekend. Now, though, the tradition is to work.”

Favorite Halloween Memory: “The first time I DJ’d at a Halloween party. It was for El Mozo Bogota Halloween Festival. The energy was insane; I can’t wait to return to Bogota the week after CircuitMOM for their Halloween festival!

Favorite Halloween 

costume: “I once wore a scorpion from Mortal Combat … that was pretty awesome.”

Cruising Chicago: “When I was in Chicago last, I didn’t get a chance to (visit) Boystown very much. I’m hoping to venture out a bit more this trip! I had seen the giant bean in the past, but maybe I will check that out again. 

Halloween Night: “I’m expecting an incredible night of music and energy. I know the Chicago crowd knows how to party - so I’m expecting another electric experience! 

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