Chicago's own DJ Marc 'Moose' Moder brings the DILF vibe to IML weekend

Tue. May 23, 2023 8:52 AM by Ross Forman

marc 'moose' moder

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DILF IML, May 27: ‘It’s a breather from what you expect from the circuit parties,’ says Moder

Marc “Moose” Moder has back-to-back DJ gigs at the end of May, and though not officially part of the IML shenanigans, both events will draw attendees from around the world, drawn to Chicago for the Mr. International Leather extravaganza.

First up is DILF IML on Saturday night, May 27, starting at 9 p.m., at The Sofo Tap

Then on Sunday, May 28, from 1-6 p.m., Moder will again be spinning at The Sofo Tap for Patio Beef: Big Bear BBQ.

“I’m a very bubbly DJ, so I don’t get the IML party bookings … so I do my own DILF: IML, (filled) with daddies, lots of throwback fun (and) a break from the darker tones of the weekend,” Moder said. “DILF is a blessing: America’s first and longest-running daddy night, still packed every month with a definite following. The intent remains the same: Make men over 35 feel as sexy as they see the ones under 35. Make getting older something appealing, not scary. Embrace the years.”

DILF IML is still all throwback tracks and Moder will bring in more male vocals and synth pop to the mix for a sexier vibe, he said.

“We are unique in the way that we actually attract real-life daddies; it’s not just a marketing ploy,” said Moder, who noted that about 20 percent of the DILF party attendees are men under 35 who are attracted to older men.

“It’s a breather from what you expect from the circuit parties. Still sexy, still gear-friendly, but more relaxed. If nothing else, we get going at 9 p.m. and are packed, so use us as your pre-party if you’re staying up to go dancing.”

The DILF party uses a revolving host system, started with co-founder/Mr. IML 2004 Jason Hendrix for two years, then rocker Jinx Titanic, then a mix of hosts. For DILF IML, the host will be “newby baby daddy Johnny Bowman,” Moder said.

DILF in June will feature Mark Saltzman and partner Travis Bailey, truly a double dose of hot daddies.

There is no cover fee for the DILF party.

Patio Beef started about five years ago as an alternative to the crowds in Boystown. “I was an OG of Pride North; we wanted to bring that energy to The Sofo Tap outdoor space,” Moder said. 

The BBQ features bears, beers and beats. “The crowd that comes is on such a pride high and thrilled to be there, and it’s the only time I get to DJ outside. So, the songs are beachier: sunny, summer songs that make you smile and remember happy summers past,” Moder said. 

The menu will include burgers, brats and hot dogs, with all the fixin’s, and of course frosty mugs of beer.

Moder, who lives in Rogers Park, has lived in Chicago since 1995. He is originally from St. Louis and has been DJing for 14 years.

“I was a promoter, but as we got too many bookings, I started filling in (as a DJ) and it took off,” said Moder, whose first official night as a DJ was at Downtown Bar with DJ Nevin. Moder was hosting that night, but Nevin got stuck at work, so Moder stepped in – and DJ’d off an iPad for two hours. “It was a chill set, not that hard, but it gave me feelings,” Moder said.

DILF has been housed at The Sofo Tap for 11 years (first Saturdays), then Tea at Aunt Jackies at Jackhammer (first Sundays).

“I started DJing at (age) 40, something I always fantasized about, but didn’t believe in myself,” Moder said. “Realizing a dream is something you don’t jump into, but slowly immerse yourself in over time, learn from your elders, ask questions and don’t be afraid to just ask for what you want. Being bold enough to just say, ‘Hi, I want to DJ a night at your bar, try me out’ is the biggest step. If you never ask for help, you might just get stuck with your potential fantasy job remaining just that.

“I partner mostly with the bars and organizations as a promoter and a DJ. Sometimes the bar will book me for a concept, but most of the time, it’s my concepts fleshed out with a strong booker like Jackhammer or The Sofo Tap. Teamwork is how you do it.”

Moder will be plenty busy for Pride Month, kicking off with DILF: DADBOD on Saturday, June 3 at The Sofo Tap, then Tea at Aunt Jackies at Jackhammer on June 4.

“I hope everyone supports the local talent this June. We’re lucky that our state hasn’t come after our entertainers, yet, so my hope is that we all come and appreciate what we have here, keep them going, and support our gay siblings in other states pulling off Pride with more obstacles and dangers,” Moder said. “Pride for me is always about remembering those who got us our rights, helped to show us in a good light, and those who have passed on, never forgetting their names, what life was like before and what they gave us with their sacrifices. All in a very joyous way.”

Moder is particularly excited for the annual Andersonville Midsommarfest, a three-day street festival that celebrates its 57th run this June 9-11. He is DJing the Swedish Stage with flaggers and doing a Tea Dance at 5 p.m. on Sunday.

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Moder is also launching a new party at Jackhammer, called Neon Moon, with DJ Ted Eiel, too. “It will be a great way to keep the party going and support your neighborhood. Plus come support me as it’s my first time in public in a harness,” Moder said.

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