'Naked Boys Singing' with David Hernandez opens in New York City on March 18

Thu. March 16, 2023 9:21 AM by Ross Forman

david hernandez

photo credit // matt stasi photography; art conn, stylist

'I’m super excited to be a part of the show in New York,' says Hernandez. 'I did not see this coming.'

David Hernandez will be back on stage, starting Saturday, March 18 in New York City – in his birthday suit.

Hernandez, who shot to worldwide fame on FOX TV's American Idol in 2008, will be part of the Naked Boys Singing cast for its New York City shows at the renovated AMT Theater.

Shows will be Saturdays at 6 p.m.

“I’m super excited to be a part of the show in New York,” said Hernandez, a member of the Naked Boys Singing cast during its 6-month residency in Las Vegas that started in September 2021. “I did not see this coming. After Las Vegas, I thought that I would be done, but it just goes to show that you never really know what’s going to happen or what opportunities are going to be presented. I had a great time doing the show in Las Vegas and grew a lot from the experience.

“I am so thrilled to be doing the show in New York City. I’ve always wanted to do off-Broadway and Broadway. I started (doing) musical theater when I was a kid. So, it really has lived inside of me my whole life. My best friends live in the city, so I (will) get to spend a lot of time with them while doing a show. It’s kind of surreal. I hope it leads to more opportunities and me exploring my acting abilities even further, along with singing.”

NBS, from producers Tom D’Angora and Michael D’Angora, is a musical revue in the vein of vaudeville and campy musical theater that celebrates the male form with a lot of laughs and no costuming.

Naked Boys Singing is 60 minutes of non-stop music and laughter, dating back to the late-1980s. NBS has since played around the world and “it’s hilarious,” Hernandez said.

“Yes, we are completely nude, but there isn’t anything sexual about it. It’s just five guys singing musical theater and telling jokes in our birthday suits.

“Every city has its own artistic energy. New York City always has been the home of theater, so the vibe is going to be unique and magical. This run will be a little shorter for me as Las Vegas was a 6-month contract whereas I’ll be doing the New York City show through the end of April.”

Producer Tom D’Angora cast the first body-positive cast member for New York, which pleases Hernandez. “We need more representation of all walks of life and diversity … Dom Giovanni will be a great addition (to the cast). People need to see themselves in the characters on TV, film and theater. Everywhere.”

Dom Giovanni (White Christmas) and Hernandez will be joined by Jaden Lux and Gregory Sullivan.

“I’m excited for my former cast mate, Jaden Lux, to return. We were roomies in Vegas, so it’ll be nostalgic to be doing the show together again. I’m looking forward to meeting the other cast members and working with them for the first time,” said Hernandez, who will be reprising his role as “The Entertainer.”

Hernandez opted in for the NBS New York version based on his experience.

“I loved the show, the cast and what it did for my self-esteem,” he said. “I love theater and this was a perfect way to get me back to NYC. It also just so happened that I had some time off in April, so I figured, why not?!

“It’s going to be a fun ride.”

Hernandez said NBS definitely adds to his self-confidence, bravery, excitement, freedom, self-expression … and, exposure, literally. Plus, “it’s a great deal being a part of a cast,” he said.

In addition, he’s bringing a cabaret show, “David Hernandez & Friends,” to New York City on Friday, April 21. “I plan on telling stories with visuals, singing new original music, covers and having some special guests. It’s an intimate space that only seats around 90 people so there’s no bad seat in the room.”

On June 3, Hernandez is headlining Rainbow Pride of West Virginia with a two-dancer show, and then he’s performing at Reading (Penn.) Pride on July 16.

He is rumored to be heading to the Chicago area this summer for an upcoming Pride event, but he could not confirm.

Pride, he said, “is all about loving yourself for who you are, your authenticity, but also loving and respecting each other and our differences,” he said.

“I need to come to Chicago ASAP; I miss it so much. Hopefully, a booking comes (through).

“I remember performing at the Human Rights Campaign one year in Chicago; it was incredible. Hearing the speakers and special guests was so beautiful and eye-opening. The work the HRC does for our community is astounding! I also loved going out at night in Boystown. The community there is so sweet. “

Any upcoming Chicago visit will absolutely include deep-dish pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs, he said.

Naked Boys Singing begins performances on Saturday, March 18, at The AMT Theater (354 W 45th Street – at 9th Avenue). Ticket prices begin at $49 with a limited number of premium tickets available. Tickets can be purchased at NakedBoysSingingNYC.com.