School rejects little girl because her mommies are lesbians

Sun. August 22, 2010 1:47 AM by News Staff

Bedford, Texas - Olivia Harrison will be starting school soon, but not at St. Vincent's Episcopal School in Bedford, Texas.

That's because Olivia has two mommies, and St. Vincent's doesn't approve.

Jill and Tracy Harrison got married in Canada four years ago.

They had Olivia with help from a sperm donor, and when Olivia got big enough for school, they felt that St. Vincent's would be a good fit; the class sizes were small, and the Harrisons are Christians.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly as they enrolled; reports that Jill put her name in the "mother" blanks, and crossed off "father," replacing those spots with "mother" and writing in Tracy's name.

It wasn't until after they had attended Parent Orientation Night that the school told them to go away and refunded their $100 deposit.

"It is clear that enrolling the child in a traditional Christian school, such as St. Vincent's School, would not foster [the mother's] own personal values at home," the school said in a statement. "And it might undermine the moral instruction of our clergy and teachers in the minds of our schools students and parents. Our prayers are with Olivia and her mother."