Atlanta CEO shot dead during sex sting in New Jersey

Wed. July 21, 2010 11:54 PM by News Staff

dean gaymon

photo credit // credit union of atlanta
Essex, New Jersey - The CEO of an Atlanta bank was shot dead during a sex sting in a New Jersey park, and now family members want to know why.

DeFarra "Dean" Gaymon was back in Essex, New Jersey last weekend to attend his 30 year class reunion.

An undercover police officer who was conducting a sex sting encountered Gaymon when he returned to a spot where he had arrested someone earlier to pick up a dropped pair of handcuffs.

The officer told other investigators that Gaymon was alone and masturbating.

The officer claims that when he tried to arrest Gaymon, that he panicked, fought back, and ran off.

The officer said that after that, Gaymon "repeatedly threatened to kill the officer," according to a police statement and then "lunged at and attempted to disarm the officer while reaching into his own pocket."

The officer, "fearing for his life," shot Gaymon once.

Gaymon's family back in Atlanta said there's no way he would have responded with violence.

"It would have been completely and totally against his nature to 'tussle' with a police officer, to resist authority, to assault a police officer," the family said in a statement.

Gaymon, the CEO of Credit Union of Atlanta, was a married man with four kids.

Officials in New Jersey said their investigation is ongoing.