Kylie Minogue takes on lesbian role in 'Jack And Diane'

Sat. July 17, 2010 2:28 PM by

Australian pop star and gay icon Kylie Minogue will go gay in her return to the silver screen.

Minogue, the New York Post reports, will play Tara, a heavily tattooed lesbian, in the film Jack and Diane.

"Kylie does have one love scene where she kisses a girl," an unnamed source told the Post, "but her performance is good."

In the movie, two teenage girls, Jack and Diane, meet in New York City and begin exploring their sexuality. Their newly awakened sexual desires give Diane werewolf-like visions.

The film stars Juno Temple and Riley Keough, Elvis Presley's granddaughter.

Minogue's career was put on hold in 2006 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She only recently began to open up about the experience, telling the UK's Johnathan Ross that family, friends and fans helped lighten the "darkness" she suffered.

The 42-year-old singer took to the stage earlier this month at the Plaza de Espana to celebrate Madrid's gay pride parade, one of Europe's largest, where she performed her single All the Lovers from her new album Aphrodite.

Minogue was last seen in Director Baz Luhrman's musical Moulin Rouge.

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