Milwaukee city worker accused of sending anti-gay hate e-mail

Sat. July 17, 2010 10:10 AM by News Staff

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - A City of Milwaukee employee is accused of sending hate e-mail from her work account when a man she barely knew announced his same-sex marriage on Facebook.

Gordon Jablonski, who lives in New Jersey, told WISN-TV that he was "shocked" to receive the e-mail sent to him on Tuesday by the Port of Milwaukee administrative assistant.

The e-mail read, "You know you are living in sin and will burn in hell if you don't change your life around." The e-mail went on to say, "I'm sorry to hear you married another man. God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve."

The Department of Employee Relations launched an investigation into the employee, who has been working for the city for 10 years.

"Not only what she wrote, but that she did it on city time using city resources is totally unacceptable," said Employee Relations Director Maria Monteagudo.

Monteagudo said she can not release further details of the investigation, including if the employee has been terminated.

A poll on shows an overwhelming majority feel the government employee should be fired for sending hate e-mail from her work e-mail account.


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