Adam Lambert: 'Velvet' is 'an exploration of love'

Tue. April 7, 2020 9:42 AM by

Out singer-songwriter Adam Lambert has described Velvet, his fourth studio album, as "an exploration of love."

Lambert's latest album arrived on March 20.

Speaking with The Huffington Post, Lambert said that Velvet was about love.

"That's the thing about the album is that I think overall it is an exploration of love," Lambert said. "There's self-love, which is reflected in 'Superpower' and in 'Stranger You Are' and 'Ready to Run' – having self-worth to make changes and to get out of things if it's not right. And then some like 'Roses' and 'Love Don't,' which are like, 'OK, this is not working. This isn't enough.' But being able to be self-assured enough to realize that."

"And then there's songs that are fully fabulous and fun, and 'Velvet' is one of them. It's a celebration. But it's all about love. It all comes down to this kind of search and experience of love in different forms."

Lambert, 38, also said that he would like to act more.

"I would like to get more into the acting world. I think that would be really fun," he said.

"And also, I'm starting to become interested in planting seeds in the creative space where it's not necessarily for my own music, but to create other projects behind the scenes, to be a producer or a writer or a consultant. There's definitely some stuff in the works. So I'm getting geared up for that," Lambert said.

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