Hydrate Nightclub is bringing DJ-filled 6-party weekend to Puerto Vallarta: H2O Festival

Wed. December 18, 2019 3:21 PM by Ross Forman

h2o festival, held march 27-29

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Imagine Chicago's renowned Northalsted Market Days being held over three days, in March, on the beach, in the sunshine, with DJs from around the world spinning their special musical style, and of course plenty of Speedos and skin.

The reality will be, the inaugural H2O Festival, held March 27-29 in Puerto Vallarta, produced by the team at Chicago's Hydrate Nightclub in conjunction with Matinée Group (Madrid), Reload (Los Angeles) and Nocturnal (San Francisco).

"H2O Festival (will) bring people together to enjoy Puerto Vallarta, (with) dance events from the top of a hotel, on the beach, at the pool, and in the newest nightclub opened in Puerto Vallarta – 6 parties over 3 days," said Mark Liberson, the owner of LKH Management, which runs Hydrate, Elixir Andersonville, Replay Andersonville, Elixir Lakeview and Replay Lakeview

"The line-up includes some of the best DJs from the U.S., Mexico and around the world, including Nina Flowers, Dan Slater, Alex Acosta, Joe Gauthreaux, Alexander, Cindel, Erick Ibiza, Isak Salazar, Kardona, Saul Ruiz, Diego Alvarez, and Hoolio Kmacho. (There also will be) special guest performers, (to be announced) soon."

Liberson and the Hydrate team have had some of the biggest and best international DJs at the Boystown bar for the past 17 years. Matinée Group is legendary for its international parties and will be producing two events in PV: Circuit Festival and LaLeche at the Mantamar Beach Club. Reload is spearheading the opening and closing after-party, being produced at Industry Nightclub, the hottest new dance destination in PV. Nocturnal will be bringing their energy to Saturday's late night in Puerto Vallarta.

And hey, there might still be snow on the ground in Chicago that late-March weekend.

"We brought together people we love to work with at Hydrate, added in Matinée Group, Nocturnal and Reload and created a line-up of events and talent that we would want to share with people who love dance music," Liberson said. "I met the owner of the new LGBTQ+ hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Almar, and we became friends. Last year we began talking about creating this event. In conjunction with Grayden Dixon and Cindel Coss, we came up with the plan for the parties and the weekend.

"Hydrate has brought together promotional partners and co-producers for the weekend, including MatInée Group from Spain to bring LaLeche and Circuit Festival parties to the beach, Ky Martinez and Juan Martinez, the producers of Nocturnal and Imagina parties from San Francisco to produce the Saturday night's Nocturnal after-party and Alexander Rendo of Reload from Los Angeles to produce the Friday night after-party and Sunday closing party with us. The people we are working with share our love of creating events and Puerto Vallarta, and we are all excited to be creating a fun reason for people to join us."

PV is, of course, a popular LGBT escape, "a great vacation value and a destination with picture-perfect weather and wonderfully-friendly people," Liberson said. "The Almar Hotel is fantastic and the discount rate that people attending our party can get makes it an even better value."

The six parties are now on-sale for $185 (https://gopride.com/Zez8/), including a welcome party on the rooftop of the Almar Hotel, and more.

"We are extremely excited about this (DJ) lineup, as it blends international talent that we work with at Hydrate with popular Mexican producers and DJs to create a truly international festival of dance music," Liberson said.

There also is a VIP Weekend Pass ($325), which includes VIP Priority Admission to all six parties; a H2O Festival tank top; VIP mezzanine area overlooking the dance floor with daybeds and private cash bar at Saturday night Mantamar Beach Party and Sunday Tea Dance; VIP mezzanine access at Til Dawn Parties, H2O Festival gift bag, and more.

Chicago DJs Cindel and Kardona are part of the party, too.

"Cindel is one of our most popular resident DJs at Hydrate and also works with us on booking our line-up as a member of our talent production team," Liberson said. "He and Kardona are great DJs; we are excited they will be joining us to bring their talents to Puerto Vallarta and be there to help us create these events."

The DJ lineup is stacked, to put it mildly.

Let's see, there's Saul Ruiz of Guadalajara, known for his own parties that he produces there; he will bring his sound to the rooftop at the Almar Hotel welcome party that is being powered by PUMP! Underwear! 

The after-party kicks off with Reload founder Alexander at Industry, the newest and biggest dance club on the gay strip. 

Saturday kicks off with Circuit Festival, which includes Nina Flowers, who is non-stop energy, along with legendary DJ Alex Acosta and Isak Salazar, one of the newest talents from Mexico who has been getting great international attention, including Songkran Festival in Bangkok where both he and Acosta were headliners this past year. Together they will be bringing Circuit Festival to life on Saturday.

DJ Joe Gauthreaux is an internationally-regarded producer and DJ, and he will spin at the late-night party Saturday night Nocturnal Extreme after party when Circuit Festival ends at 1 a.m.

On Sunday, DJ Dan Slater of Australia brings his talent to the LaLeche party with Erick Ibiza, most recently producing a No. 1 Billboard remix with Chicago legend Ralphi Rosario and another talent getting flown to share his sound around the world, and local favorite Hoolio Kmacho, who will be opening the party at the Mantamar Beach Club at 5 p.m.

Sunday night's Reload closing party will feature Cindel's energetic set that will probably keep people on the dance floor till sunrise, Liberson predicted, "and will be a great way to conclude a weekend of music, dance, friends and discovery in the warmth of Puerto Vallarta." 

Liberson said, based on the response since tickets went on-sale earlier this year after Market Days, "We are excited about the H2O Festival and looking forward to having a great crowd that combines together audiences from Mexico, the U.S., Canada and (elsewhere around) the world.

"Puerto Vallarta is truly a wonderful place to escape to, and we are bringing together such great talent and production partners that this festival will be offering attendees something new in a destination that is affordable, exotic and welcoming."

For more information and to buy tickets, go to: https://gopride.com/Zez8

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