Celebrating Sidetrack: A Boystown favorite hosts 37th Anniversary Party

Tue. June 18, 2019 2:44 PM by Ross Forman

pepe pena and art johnston, sidetrack co-owners

photo credit // sidetrack
More than 1,000 attended the 37th Anniversary Party for Sidetrack on Thursday night, June 13, with retro-priced drinks and the normal debauchery of host Dixie Lynn Cartwright.

"The Anniversary Party is always a great time. People are in great spirits, (with) food, prizes and giveaways," said Sidetrack general manager Brad Balof.

The low-priced drinks included $2 well cocktails/beer and $2.50 frozen drinks/other cocktails. Food was served from Chubby Wieners and The Slide Ride.

Sidetrack co-owner Art Johnston gave a toast, reminding attendees that the LGBTQ+ community "has never been given anything and that everything we have we have had to fight for," Balof said.

Giveaways included tickets to Carly Rae Jepson, Broadway In Chicago shows such as Mean Girls, and the new Britney Spears musical: Once Upon a One More Time. Also, the AT&T Store on Michigan Avenue partnered with Sidetrack to give away 10 pairs of tickets to Lizzo's "Turn Up the Love" at their store this week.

Heartland Alliance collected over $2,500 in donations and products, which is doubled and tripled through matching partners. "Lori Cannon and her team of amazing volunteers handle this part of the event seamlessly and it's such a pleasure to know that the event is also helping those who are in the most critical need of support," Balof said. "We are very happy to see the charitable aspect of this event has increased. Donations are collected for Heartland Alliance and for those living with HIV and AIDS."

CircuitMOM and his Rainbow Unicorns added an element of fun and charm to the event, Balof added. CircuitMOM (Matthew Harvat) and his team have brought us a truly unique décor this summer to help celebrate all the things that our community celebrates."

Balof added, "Sidetrack enjoys celebrating its customers who are truly amazing in their generosity to many, many charities and fundraisers throughout the year."

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