Chicago's own Johnny V 'extremely flattered' to co-host Grabbys Award Show

Wed. May 22, 2019 4:15 PM by Ross Forman

'... porn is definitely a lot of work; it’s not simply going to set, having sex and getting paid,' said Johnny V

Johnny V went to his first Grabby Award Show about five or six years ago, and left with two awards: Hottest Bottom and Best Duo Performance, with Ryan Rose.

"It felt good to accept the award with him on stage, standing side by side," he said.

Flash-forward to 2019 – Johnny V and Ryan Rose will again be front and center at the annual event that highlights top talent and performances in the gay erotic film industry. The Grabbys will be held Saturday, May 25, at the Metro Theater (3730 N. Clark Street).

The co-hosts are Beaux Banks, Calvin Banks, Ryan Rose and Johnny V.

"I am looking forward to the 2019 Grabbys. I am extremely flattered (to be a co-host) and very much appreciate this opportunity," said Johnny V, 35, who lives in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood. "(It is) truly an honor (to co-host); I am happy and very excited to be a part of (the event).

"I always am a bit nervous (to co-host), but once I get my rhythm on the mic, everything flows so well. I get somewhat of a rush from being on stage; it really feels good."

The awards are sponsored by Chicago-based Grab Magazine and this year's event will be extra emotional for many: Grab co-founder Mark Nagel passed away unexpectedly earlier this year.

"Mark and I were very close," Johnny V said. "Every time I saw him at the bar or out and about at events we both attended, he was a breath of fresh air, and always put a smile on my face. I am still deeply saddened by his passing. I don't do well with wakes or funerals, even though I have been to many.

"Mark always had the gift of gab and always seemed to put a smile on my face when I saw him and or spoke with him, so I feel as though we need to celebrate him (at The Grabbys, the event) he put together with Stacy Bridges. I love you Mark, and you will always be in my thoughts and prayers."

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Johnny V works at Hydrate Nightclub as a security guard and lead bar-back. He also is an independent contractor as a porn star, dancer and model for various studios/companies.

"The Grabby Awards, to me, mean recognition for all our hard work in the industry," he said. "To people in the industry, the awards mean the world to some. It gives them that feeling of accomplishment and the recognition that they did well at their job."

Johnny V said his approach and demeanor will be calm, cool and collected. "I like to keep it classy and professional, with a twist of humor as well.

"I am most looking forward to what everyone is wearing. I love red carpet events, and always like to see what my fellow co-workers and friends come up with.

"Representing Chicago at the Grabbys makes me feel honored as fuck. I truly feel blessed and am happy to be representing our city where the Grabbys were born."

Johnny V added, "I am just a city guy who grew up in the suburbs. I never knew I would get involved in the porn scene, but here I am today and am happy to be a Chicagoan who is representing our city in a pretty big industry worldwide.

"My career has been a ride of a lifetime. I cannot even explain it in words. I have traveled the world and am most definitely am not done yet. I look forward to upcoming events and more opportunities. It's all about good energy and a positive attitude."

Johnny V's porn industry work has led to go-go dancing opportunities across the U.S., and more.

"I am unsure (what's ahead professionally) as I do not have a crystal-ball, but, I will say that I took a little break after I was not offered another contract with Falcon Studios. I am not yet finished with my career, though. I wanted to get a normal job again because I am a hard worker in others fields, and that is a sense of grounding for me," he said.

"I have met so many amazing people in my life through (the porn) industry, especially my best friend Anthony Warner, who started off as a fan and is now a lifelong friend. He has been there for me through thick and thin and always supports me in everything I do. I love you Anthony!"

Johnny V admitted that most people, when they find out what he does for a living, either gasp or are all over him. Most people are truly intrigued, he added. "I try and keep it classy, but I usually just answer all of their questions and tell them to feel free to ask me whatever their heart desires."

Getting To Know ...Johnny V

Hobbies: "Working out, eating, watching movies, shopping, traveling, beach, hanging out with my friends, working, etc."

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Favorite Professional Athlete: Rob Gronkowski

Favorite Musician: Janet Jackson or Dua Lipa

Celebrity You'd Most Like To Meet: Robert De Niro

Celebrity You'd Most Like To ...You Know: Chris Hemsworth

Favorite TV Show: Empire or Real Housewives

Favorite Movie: Goodfellas

Little-known Fact: "I love the smell of soap."

Keys to Staying in Shape, Physical Fitness: "I will keep this one simple: diet, exercise at least five days a week, and a positive attitude."

Boxers or Briefs: "I enjoy a good thong ...when I am showing it off to the public."

Relationship Status: "Currently dating, but that special someone has not yet found me."

Speaking Porn: "I want people to know that porn is definitely a lot of work; it's not simply going to set, having sex and getting paid. It is an art and a lot goes into it on the actor's side, as much as it does on the script writer's side and directors, as well."