Anthem Arrives In Chicago

Thu. October 30, 2003 12:00 AM by David Bohn

Chicago, IL - If you have been in Chicago for the last year, and you like to get down, you’ve probably been waiting for the reopening of Crobar Chicago. Well Anthem, Crobar’s “boy night” theme, finally arrived on October 26th and the improvements seem to have been worth the wait.

When I drove up to Crobar, I actually missed it the first time because the exterior looks so radically different than before. Crobar now has a sleek white exterior, like a minimalist design which certainly helps it stand out from its weathered neighbors.

Once you enter Crobar, you can see before you how they have opened up the space nicely. In front of you is the first bar, on the edge of the dance floor with a redesigned coat check on your left. As you approach the dance area, the room opens up, giving Crobar a much larger feel then it had before the redesign. There is now more room to move down either side of the dance floor. The inside is bright and the walls show exposed brick from the new construction. Crobar is now much brighter and more energetic than it was before.

There’s now a catwalk-like level that encircles the dance floor, so you can hang out up top and watch what’s going on down below. On the north-side of the club, there are actually built-in love seats so you can chill and give your dancing feet a rest.

The redesigned bar/VIP area is awesome. The wall to the dance floor is glass and the bar area features a very cool lounging atmosphere. DJ Greg Drescher was mixing some great music that virtually made you shake what mama gave ya even as you were hanging out chatting with friends.

On the main dance floor DJ Tony Moran spun a mix of fun, high energy dance music, mixed with some non-vocal “pots and pans” music. Matthew, aka Circuit Mom (Circuit MOM Productions), was being the gracious host, trying to say hello to everyone even as everyone was pulling him this way and that, asking about club, getting on other lists, etc.

Overall, it was a fun night; a good time to get together and see friends maybe you hadn’t seen in a while and cut loose before the winter blahs set in. My one complaint is that they really need to get more boxes to dance on. One box against the wall, which only someone 5’ tall can dance on without hitting his or her head, is not enough! That fact should be addressed considering the club can now hold more patrons. That small gripe a side, I am glad that Circuit Mom and Paolo Pincente are co-hosting the Sunday night dance once again. It will be a great way to start the work week!

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