Lady GaGa twitters support for teen wearing Gaga-themed shirt

Fri. April 9, 2010 12:00 AM by News Staff

Nashville, TN - Lady GaGa is twittering her support for a gay teenager kicked out of a Tennessee school for wearing a fan t-shirt.

WSMV-TV reports that Cole Goforth wore his "I (heart) Lady Gay Gay" shirt to Greenbrier High School last week.

School officials say it was causing a disruption. The dress code does not specifically ban the word "gay" on clothing but it does allow for anyone causing a "disruption" to be sent home.

Cole is 15-years-old and openly gay. His mom is furious with the school. She says they are violating his free speech rights. "It cannot be just my child cannot wear that shirt because it states an opinion," Julie Gordon told WSMV. "We need to take all the shirts out that state opinions."

Lady GaGa twittered: "Thank u for wearing your tee-shirt proud at school, you make me so proud … you are an inspiration to us all. I love you Cole, you just be yourself. You're perfect the way God made you."

Cole got his t-shirt at the local mall. They're for sale online at