hi chicago

I've lived in Chicago for 10 years. Grew up in the northeast sticks of Oregon. I'm a total GUY. I rode horses since I could walk, raised all sorts of animals while living in the country with my family. I have a great job and I'm also finishing my degree at Northwestern. I'm motivated, I like to have a good time with my friends. When I'm not working and studying I like to blade, ski, skydive, run, workout, bike, ride my Ducati motorcycle, play baseball or catch, volleyball, chill at the beach, swim, raft, play pool, spend time with friends or family, travel (either on the motorcycle, or by car, or airplane), concerts, watch the Sox or Cubs (Go Sox ;). I like chillin with my friends, I have a good group of guys and gals I keep close. I'm not huge into the gay scene. I go out every once in a while, but I don't live at the gay bars. I'll go just about anywhere and do, just depends who I'm with. I've tried the gay scene, it's just not me. I'm masculine, most people can't tell I'm gay, I end up surprising them. My father has owned his own automotive business since 1980. I grew up working on trucks and cars. I drove tractors before I had a license. I showed sheep, pigs, rabbits, and chickens in the county fairs where I grew up. I've done everything from roofing houses, to drywall, to digging trenches with a backhoe, to working with horses. I basically grew up working with my hands and I love where I came from. Not many gay guys can say that. I'm well cultured. Chicago has been a great city to live in the last 10 years. I do miss my roots. I'm an outside person. When I was born, my parents lived in the mountains. In the summers growing up in the mountains, my parents couldn't keep clothes on us. :) I'm just an all around good guy with a big heart. A lot of people have told me Oregonians are the nicest people you'll ever meet...

Every day I'm finding out more and more about myself yet I don't know who I am anymore! :) I enjoy surrounding myself with kind and caring people who won't incriminate other people for their adversity and I appreciate other people for their views and accomplishments.

Likes: Eyes, lips, dimples make me go crazy, active, politeness, laid-back, intellectual, driven, masculine, intense, open to new ideas and things.

Turn-offs: Additudes, being pretentious, label whores, and I'm not attracted to flamers/queens.



I'm always looking for new motorcycling buddies or people to travel/hang out with. In a guy, I tend to like my age or older. I'm not against dating younger guys, I just haven't had much luck. I'm mature, I've been on my own for 10 years, so I don't want to feel like someone's babysitter or mother. I'm tired of that. I find myself falling into these same cycles with guys, so I'm trying to break myself of that. I'm picky, and I am going to hold out until I meet someone that I get along with and I truly feel is my partner in crime. Guys must have their shit together, their own life going on. It would be nice to meet someone someday who has experienced at least as much as I have. I don't like lovers who always seem like they have to compete with me, or who act like someone they are not. I'd love to meet someone who's true to themselves, masculine, takes care of their mind and body, has interests, goals, and a similar lifestyle as myself. I'm not into "bois" or "boys". I like guys, who act like guys. Femininity isn't something I look for, it's something I run from. I have hung out with queeny guys before, I don't hate anyone and I'll talk to anyone, but I will not date a queen or someone who obsesses over the gay lifestyle. I don't like guys who choose their friends solely by their sexuality, or only hang out at gay bars. That's boring and closed-minded. I have a mix of friends and expect the same. Now, onto relationships. I date, I can't say I've never hooked up, but it's just not my cup of tea. I always feel bad about it. I like to take things slow. I've rushed into things in the past, and that's one of those redundant cycles I'm working on breaking. I'm constantly busting my own chops and trying to improve myself.

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