"visuwil" - Will Harrison. He is the owner of the creative design firm VISUWIL (, and may in fact be the most recognizable face in Chicago these days. Harrison is ever present along the North Halsted strip promoting the various ventures he's involved in and throughout the city. The most notably of events include the successful monthly NITRO theme parties at Circuit Nightclub for which he promotes & creates all the visual concepts with owners and staff of Nightlife Unlimited.

Appealing to ALL of the human senses...focusing on SIGHT. SOUND. TASTE. and TOUCH.
It's ALWAYS sure to be a night to remember!!!!!


"VisuWil", a multi-talented company devoted to innovative and creative concepts, brings together fascinating elements for each monthly NITRO theme events. Will Harrison of VisuWil said "we are pulling out all the stops for this event"


VISUWIL KUDOS and an AMAZING..... THANK YOU!!! This guy, Will Harrison is SUPERMAN / WONDER WOMEN. No for real. I have been blown away by what this man can put together and the talent he has at his finger tips. Vegas meets Chicago. Chicago Meet Will. I have not the time or words to do Justice to what this one man can do. I find myself typing and bowing in utter amazement. Give this man a call or check out his sight and go from there. You want LARGE, he brings HUGE.

I have many moods...normally I good ones. The Aries horoscope sorta tells the truth about my personality though I'm not really in to astrology.

Likes: masculine men men who act like men but have a fun side also attracted to guys who are laid back

Turn-offs: very "fem" guys

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event planning, deor & design

Favorite movies

SEVERAL (too many to name)

Favorite music

various types

Favorite food


Favorite TV shows

I have to admit that I love watching cartoons.
This keeps me in a humorous mood.

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