I'm in Love with Life and your Fear of Embracing Life Can't Stop Me!

First, Let me say thank you to the reader for taking the time to read about me.

I am, free to be who I want to be without worrying about what others may think. I am, still growing into the person I'm trying to become! I am from a back round of sadness like so many souls on this earth, so, So what, The what is that I chose to move in the spirit of love and to act out the love to the best of my being by practicing those things that I believe in. I believe first and foremost in love. So I reach out to help were where I can. I embrace those who embrace me & Bless those who can't.

I believe in giving my time and energy wherever I have an opportunity, either by supporting others who are trying to make a difference or creating something that can Help make a difference in our community. I love to smile, but not just with my face muscles but also with my heart. All to often we underestimate other human beings thinking that they don't recognize the intent behind the smile. Even when we are not realizing it, we are wide open, so smile with a real and honest intent! or don't smile at all.

I moved here from Detroit/Ann Arbor Michigan 5years ago now in search of growth in my entertainment skills and the journey has been both Joyful & Sorrowful from moment to moment teaching me & testing me, reminding me! to stay strong and hold fast to my dreams even when it seems there is no one there to help you. For me this brings on more humility to help me to remember where I came from! so I embrace my challenges.

I come from a Gay family my Mom & 2 aunts. While growing up never once did I think that being gay was wrong, only to find that the world outside was nothing like the world at home. I am close with my Mom and brothers! I am blessed!

I have reached a point in my life where I want to be a positive light in this world but I've learned all to often that being positive can be a negative to anyone that doesn't want it. Yes, sometimes trying to be positive can piss people off , but don't let them stop you nor destroy you, only learn as I learned....move on and leave them there.

I am single for no other reason than " its not my time" no matter how much my soul longs to be touched by another soul, its not going to happen till its my time. When he comes, I will not have to worry about if he will accept all that I am or am not! He will embrace me for me without picking me apart! So never let anyone tare you apart and make you feel that something is wrong with you just because the guy you think is hot doesn't feel the same way, try to think of it as its not for you or not your moment. So I work to become a better performer and entertainer to reach all people and focus on making better and more Glamorous Costumes.

All that I am will never cease to exist! It will only continue to transform!

Don't just love yourself, Learn how to love yourself & Do your Best Always to live that Love! Don't let our community rob you of your Beauty or your inner Value...Don't ever give over your worth to anyone...Only accept being Accepted for who and what you are!

I believe there are Two emotions in this world: Love & Fear. Each of them have their children and we have given them names that fill not only our psychology books but our hearts and minds. I have chosen to live my life in love and do my best to not allow fear to be more powerful than love, and yet I allow the balance of both to help me move peacefully through this universe.

This belief affords me to be Passionate and Free to Love whoever I want to Love and express all that I am, A Human Child of the Universe!

Intensity is a result of this belief. My Goal is to never intentionally overwhelm anyone with my energy...just try to accept that I am what I am.
My consistency of Honesty/Realness is what you receive from me as a byproduct of this belief.

Completely Bare!!!!!

Thank you again for reading, There is always more, for that is what we are, Much More!

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My interests are music of course like so many of us, we live and love with music! It saves us, lifts us and holds us when no one will. What type of Music?, emotional, passionate, slow with piano, that means it doesn't matter the artist for me. But for the souls that really want to know, Classical, Jazz, R&B, Gospel, House Music, Tribal with slammin Vocals.
I love history, so I watch the History channel a lot.
I don't love tv but I will watch certain movies, not to many though. I love reading self help books, the kind that help you find you, asking you to search yourself, embrace yourself.
I love traveling, and being around positive energy all day everyday! I love taking walks by the lake, by water period! I feel I am one with water, it has played a huge part in my young life! Because I'm open to learning my new interests are still being discovered. Oh, I love Love to Sing!

Favorite movies

Jesus of Nazareth
The Lord of the Rings
The Fellowship
The Two Towers
The Return of the King
Matrix, 1,2,3
Dune, the original
Moulin Rouge
The Sound of Music
Superman, all of them!

Favorite music

Music of passion and emotion, sung slow, usually with piano or few instruments, which could be any artist.
Jazz, Gospel, Classical, R&B, House Music, Electro, Techno, Drums!

Favorite food

Oh my god, to many to name, but I love Chicken!

Favorite TV shows

Golden Girls
The Muppet Show
Bugs Bunny

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