Let me think about it

My name is Hunter B. Lyon. Most people like to call me by my whole name. I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. Ask anyone, I’m a Memphis boy by heart. I moved to Chicago, Illinois when I was seventeen years old and that is where I currently live. I am studying medicine and English. I am currently working practicals and clinical’s as a BLS Medic at Central Dupage Hospital. I want to help people someday by being a doctor. A Diagnostician more specifically. I would consider myself a people person and love meeting new, down to earth, honest, drama free people. I don’t believe in holding grudges. I believe you should always express your beliefs and opinions honestly while keeping in mind it should have no intent to harm others. I support human rights and think everyone should be treated equally. No one is better than another. I am rooting and voting for Senator Barack Obama to win the presidential election for 08’. I am the kind of person to be the first one in a group to stand up and get defensive about something I believe in but never shoot down other peoples ideas or opinions. I am often sarcastic and mistaken as slightly arrogant. I don’t mean to be. I swim everyday in school and love doing it. My Mom is the greatest woman in the whole world and my younger brother, Casey, is my hero. Tell me about you! My aim is: Hunterblyon



Swimming, Running, Working out, Martial Arts, TRAVELING!

Favorite music

Ida Corr, Hellogoodbye, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, Robert Randolph, Rufus Wainwright, Nine Inch Nails, Madonna, Antony and the Johnsons, RENT, Elliott Smith, The Killers, Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews Band, David Crowder, Josh Groban, Sister Hazel, John Mayer etc etc...

Favorite TV shows

House, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Grays Anatomy, etc