Welcome to my world...

Just a bit about me...

I am one that is considered to be very goal orientated and I have a good head on my shoulders. I have graduated college with my bachelors degree in Business Information Systems. I feel very accomplished with that. I am also a local gay business owner. I own Velvvet Rope Ultra Lounge in Oak Park, which is the only Gay & Lesbian night spot in Oak Park. Next to say alittle about myself. I am an only child and I feel that this actually made me a stronger person, where I do not need to depend on anyone else. I am one that sets high and stong life goals and I work my ass off until I reach them. This is the best sense of accomplishment that I could ever ask for. My friends are a large influence in my life, they are the ones that are here for me on my bad days and good days too. Also I do work alot but, I love every minute of it too. Now to describe a little more about me, I am a person that likes to express it directly how it is, not to beat around the bush and make it easier. Keep everything honest and true!

Well I guess I am a goal orientated person. Who has my goals always set and growing. I feel that I am far ahead in my life compared to someone else my age. If you want to know more feel free to email me or hit me on aim at fe4151

Likes: I am open to any type of person I guess. I like a guy that does know that I exist and shows some affection.

Turn-offs: If your main goal in life is to be drunk. Drinking is fun but not the only important thing to do with your time.

Website : www.myspace.com/feplat



Some of my interestes would include going to chicago and roller blading on the lake front, bike ride, or just jog. Feeling the fresh air blowing past me. I do enjoy going out to different dining experiences. I would like to say I have tried it but did not enjoy it, or even better I loved it lets go back! I enjoy going to theater, concerts, like I had said I am usually a pretty open individual that is willing to give something a chance and then make a judgement call.

Favorite movies

I favoite movie of all time would have to be Cinderella Story (don't laugh at me). I love Chad and Hillary. He is so fuckin HOT. I like all types from the action, to gory, to chick flicks. Its all good to me

Favorite music

Lets see Music?? Well, There is so amny different ones to choose from. THere is all of the pop bands that are great. Techno is great too. And i can also handle some of the metal. I just dont like country. I think its to boring in my eyes.

Favorite TV shows

I like the Simpsons that is the BEST tv show EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!