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1-5 Recap (Volume 3)

Random hook-ups and awkward reconciliations in Week 1 of Volume 3. Volume 4 launches on November 19th!

1-5 Recap (Volume 3)
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Random hook-ups and awkward reconciliations in Week 1 of Volume 3. Volume 4 launches on November 19th!


Charlie sat on the couch waiting. The sun began to peek through the clouds as the blur of last night, that just barely ended, swam in his mind. The text from Tristan that told him one of his roommates had just hooked up with the guy that broke his heart. The abrupt exit from a dream date (or whatever it was) with a dream guy as he flagged a cab back home. The dread of waiting, of confirmation that one of his nearest and dearest had betrayed his trust. The key turning in the front door made him jump with alert.

"Hey," said Hunter. "Did you make the double point score?"

"Yeah," said Charlie. "Did you?"

"Well, I dunno if it was a triple point or home run but... "

"Who was he?" asked Charlie so pointedly that it gave Hunter pause.

"Well, I... "

"Oh, it's open," said Tyler, opening the door, looking disheveled. "Hey guys."

"Aw sweet," said Hunter, giving Tyler some skin. "Looks like someone made a home run too."

"Yeah, well... "

"What was his name?!" demanded Charlie, rising, exhausted with emotion.

"I never... "

"Was it Tommy? Or Tom. Only I called him Tommy. Was it?"

"I never got it," said Hunter.

"Me either," said Tyler, bewildered and a bit afraid.

"One of you broke the code. You hooked up with... "

"Now hold on," said Hunter.

"... the one guy, the ONE... "

"You never told us who it was! How the fuck could we possibly know?"

"It still doesn't change the fact that one of you... "

"And how do you even know? Huh? When you yourself were too busy... "

"Tristan saw one of you. He didn't say who, but he saw you go up to his place."

"Well, um, where does Tom live?" asked Tyler. "Maybe that could... "

"Stop," said Hunter. "Don't even bother. Why should we be accountable for something that... this is crazy Charlie. It's not like Andy or Scott, where we all knew who it was, this random guy that you only talk about in code and whispers, how are we supposed to know who he is? Can't we just... "

"No," said Charlie. "I'm always the logical one. I'm always the one who is completely sympathetic or empathetic or... I know it makes no logical sense. I get it. But the fact of the matter is, one of you hooked up with the one guy in my whole life that completely broke my heart. The one that I wish I was still with. Whether you knew it or not, it happened. And I just... "

"You're overreacting," said Hunter. "You're being crazy."

Charlie laughed, exhausted with emotion, drained of all logic. "I am. Both of those things. And for that... I just can't trust either of you again. Sorry." He walked off to his room and shut the door.

"Omigod," Tyler said. "What do we do?"

"You don't worry about it," said Hunter. "I have a feeling that was more about me than you. And above it all, it was more about Charlie than us."

Charlie lay in his bed, still irrationally fuming. Part of him felt remorse for blowing up at his roommates. Most of him felt jealousy and hurt. And neither of them had been in love before, not as he had been with Tommy. They couldn't possibly understand how deeply this hurt.

And fuck, he bolted so quickly, he never got Ben's number.



"So those boots are gonna save the town?" asked Diego, as they lights came up at the end of the first act.

"Well the people in the factory at least," said Bryan. They got up and walked to the bar.

"Whatever, I wish the drag queens did more numbers," said Diego.

"It's fun so far. Thanks for bringing me. I thought you had season tickets with... "

"Yeah, that's kind of complicated right now."

"Shit. You guys too?"

"What's going on with you and Chadwick?"

"That night, when we met Tristan's ghetto fabulous friends... "


"Well, there was an incident in the bathroom where... "

"Omigod. You or... ?"

"It was me."

"Me too." Diego said, ordering a glass of wine. "But it wasn't even... it was like barely anything. Just some drunken whatever on the dance floor."

"We're working it out. It's just... you know... "

"I'm staying at Tristan's. It's scandalizing me."

"Time apart can be good, you know?" Bryan said, sipping his glass of white. "Makes you appreciate when you're actually together. Chadwick and I take separate vacations."

"Does that work?"

Bryan finished his wine. "It's something."

The lights flashed off and on, signaling the start of the second act. As they walked back to their seats, Diego felt a strong hand grab his shoulder. He turned to be directly face to face with his boyfriend.

"Hi," said Diego.


Diego embraced him. "I'm really sorry."

"Me too." He sounded guilty, probably for the fight that prompted Diego to move out temporarily.

"Can I come home, Tommy?"

Tom pulled away. "What did you call me?"


"You never call me that."

"I... it just sorta came out."

"I... please don't call me that."

Diego kissed him, bewildered, but relieved to have worked things out. "I'm sorry."

Tom embraced him, wondering if he was doing the right thing.



3. Naming The Puppy

Eddy concluded the tour of her new condo with the huge bay windows that overlooked the Lake.

"It's nice," said Charlie.

"Nice? What the fuck, Chuck, it's GORGEOUS! You turn one way, oh look, the Lake! You turn the other way, Jesus God, the skyline! It's fucking magnificent!"

"Yes, fine, it's amazing. Palatial!" He slumped back to the kitchen and grabbed a beer. Amidst the moving boxes and furniture, he noticed the spare room by the kitchen was empty.

"You gonna get a roommate?" he asked, joining her by the window.

"Probably gonna make that a home office."

"But if you could have a roommate... "

"You know someone who's looking?"

"Yeah," he said, chugging his beer. "Me."

"Stop. You can't pussy out of your apartment just because one of your roomies might've hooked up with He Who Shall Not Be Named."

"It doesn't make sense, I know. I'm being stupid. I'm being an ass."

"Yes. You are."

"BUT... I just can't... haven't you ever had anyone who's broken your heart and... "

"You know I have. And I know everything that's gone down between you and him. But you can't keep dwelling on it, Chuck. Move on."

"I want to. I do. I don't know why I can't."

She took his beer and drank from it. "Maybe it's the possibility that it might've been Hunter and there's all the stuff between you guys."

He took the beer back. "Maybe."

They looked out onto the city, quiet for a moment. "It's easier said than done, I know. But Jesus, Chuck, in the month I've lived here, I've ran into girls who've been with girls I've hooked up with. It's a small fucking world. Did you really think that something like this would never happen?"

"Not with the friends I have. They know Tom."

"You're naming the puppy."

"Yeah. Maybe I should. Maybe all this code and whatever is making it more important or heavier than it needs to be."

"Look at you kid. You might just grow up yet."

"Maybe." Charlie finished the beer and looked out the window for a second. "Can I crash here, though? Just for the night?"

"Sure," said Eddy. "But I reserve the right to put the old school slumber party rules in play. If you fall asleep first... "

"Jesus, I can't believe I was excited that you were moving here."

"Now I'll see you all the time. To call you out on your bullshit and make sure you man up for a change and stop being such a pussy."

Charlie hugged his big sister and kissed her on the head. That didn't sound half bad.



"Dang, he still ignoring you?" LaTrice asked Tyler as Charlie passed by the Haven kitchen with his blockers on.

"It's SO awkward at home," said Tyler, finishing up the clean up from dinner service.

"Well I can't blame him, boo. You slept with his ex."

"We don't know that though! Or I don't."

"You didn't get Oh Boy's name?"

"No it was... he was all secretive and didn't wanna give it."

"Oooh! He on the DL?!"

"The wah?"

"Down low. He be trickin' on the side when he already got somebody."

Tyler blushed. "Um... yeah."

"Tyler, you becomin' a ho," LaTrice said, clicking her tongue.

"How can I be a ho? It was only my second time!"

"For real?"

Tyler was sure he was a red as LaTrice's nails. "Yeah."

"How'd you meet Mr. No-Name Playa?"

Seriously, Tyler was sure his face looked like a tomato. "Grindr."

"See, that's how you bougie people do. Mind you, my ass knew lots of DL fuckers when I was trickin'. That's the problem with them, they're up to no good." Tyler washed the last pan in silence. LaTrice clutched the pearls. "Omigod, boo, you wanna hit that shit again, dontcha?"

"It was... nice."

"Baby, you can't be going for that mess. You are too cute and sweet and nice for all that. You need someone who will treasure you. Someone who thinks you are their world, baby. You deserve that."

Tyler laughed. "I dunno about all that." He put the last pan up to dry and took off his gloves. "Alright um... ‘boo' I should get going."

"See ya tomorrow!" LaTrice waved as Travell passed Tyler on his way out.

"He don't know, do he?" asked Travell.


"That you all in love with him and shit."

"Shit, nigga, you don't know nothin'."

"I see the way you pine and piss and swoon every time he volunteers." Travell came up behind LaTrice real close. "I heard what you said, boo, and you need to follow your own advice. Cuz you got someone right in front of you who thinks you're the world."

"I guess that's the trouble with us bitches," LaTrice said, pushing past Travell. "We never learn."



Steve brought Tristan to the basement of The Pitstop. It was pretty dim and creepy; Tristan was apprehensive. Steve was so sure of the way, however, that Tristan just followed his lead.

"And this," Steve said, taking Tristan by the hand and pulling him closer. "Is the back stock. We go through vodka pretty quickly on half-off martini nights, so when we finish one, bring two back up."

"And I have to walk up and down these stairs all night?" Tristan groaned.

"The whole night," Steve said.

"Can't we... " Tristan cooed, slinking up close to Steve. "... come up with some other arrangement."

Steve chuckled. "You never give up, do you? Look, that's not going to work with me. You're hard up for cash, I'm sympathetic. But this is what I have to offer you. Take it or leave it."

Tristan rolled his eyes. "I'll take it."

"Are you sure? Economy's rough Tristan, lots of people are looking for work. I could just as easily hire someone else."

"I'll take it! I'll take it!" Tristan said, grabbing Steve's hands. "I'll be the best bareback you've ever seen!"

"Um... bar back."

"What did I say?"


The bar seemed busier and crazier on the other side of it, Tristan thought. Hunter poured drinks so quickly and deftly, yet managed to flirt with every customer. Tristan, on the other hand, was a sweaty mess, trying to keep up refilling the ice and cleaning the glasses.

"Is it always this busy?" Tristan asked.

Hunter just grunted.

"I said, is it always this... "

"I heard you. And I've got nothing to say to you, other than ‘more ice, more booze, more glasses'."

"Jesus, why are you so mad at me? What did I do?"

Hunter didn't say anything to Tristan the rest of the night.


Volume 4 will launch November 19th!

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