Thu. October 14, 2004 12:00 AM
by Topo

I'm Topo, named after Topo Gigio, the famous Italian mouse that starred on the Ed Sullivan show. I was asked by Madame ChixMix to start the ball rolling on the pet feature here on the site. I am a 14 month old, longhaired, mini Dachshund and have been with my 2 moms (yes, as trite as it sounds...Topo has two mommies) exactly one year as of Aug. 26. It didn't take too long until I ruled the house and found that I only had to use my eyes and good looks to get what I wanted. Since I was sick as a puppy, I was soon spoiled rotten....seems worth it all now! I am occasionally called The Diva or for some odd reason, Satan, but I can live with that.

All was trotting along nicely until about 2 months ago when we all piled in the car. I love the car! We drove about 6 hours; I slept. Our destination was Ohio (like I cared) where we picked up some 9-month-old boy dog named Bowie. I was stunned! I thought maybe we were just visiting, but then they actually put him in the car with us and headed home! Plus they were making a big fuss over him! Hey, what about ME??!! Bowie was also freaking out; we barely acknowledged one another, didn't even do any sniffing.

Bowie is also a mini Dachshund; he may be a mix of smooth and longhair. We don't know since he comes from a sorted past. Actually had to rescue him...sad, but true. Well, now that he has been here a while it's not so bad. I have someone to torment, I mean play with and I can actually steal the treat right out of his mouth....very handy since I am supposed to be on a diet. Yeah, he makes me look chunky! He certainly is naive though, still does that tail wagging, eager to please, comes when he's called crap. He also still chases his own tail, not to mention his infatuation with his penis. OK Bowie, we know it is there, you can leave it alone! Geez, whoever thought we'd see one of those in this house.

I could go on and on about myself of course, but the plan is for you to send in your stories. Write them yourselves or have the human you own do it. We don't care. Also send pictures. As winner of the Andersonville Fest’s Cutest Puppy contest, I have to keep up on the competition in town. Don't think that wasn't worth a few extra treats......

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