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Tue. September 14, 2004 12:00 AM
by Ask Hey You

Hey you
I need advice. My partner asked me to attend an out of state wedding for a family member and was so cheap that she took me to cheap places (fast food) for every meal even though I told her I would like to go out one night to a nice place. Other than this, she is a great person...what should I do about the cheapness? It really bothers me!
Short changed

Hey Short changed

Put the cheap bitch in the recycle bin & move on!! Okay, well maybe you don’t have go that route YET. If she’s a great person as you claim she is, and the only issue is her being cheap (which sometimes can be fun too, in a different sense wink wink) then you need to work on it. You should tell her how you feel about the choices she made after you stated you’d like to go to a nice place. Maybe those places she did take you were considered nice in her book. Don’t ASSUME she already knows she didn’t satisfy your need and chose to ignore your request. The most important factor in a relationship is COMMUNICATION. If after you express your concerns, and her pattern continues, then you should consider how important or not her being cheap is to you. Decide if all the other qualities are worthy of dealing with this one issue. Do you want someone that throws down a bunch of cash on you and is never there for you, or someone who truly cares & enjoys you, but just doesn’t express it with her wallet? For me personally, if she takes care of my needs under the sheets, I’m all good... I can buy my own dinners.

Hey You,
Need your help. I'm a straight woman, LOVE MEN, but lately I have been somewhat curious about maybe being with a woman.
I know this doesn't mean I'm turning gay, not that there's anything wrong with that, but I can't help wondering. If I do this, how do I go about it? I mean I can't just go and ask someone, "by the way, I just want a one night stand cause I'm being Curious Georgia"
So anyway, just wondering what you have to say.
Curious Georgia

Hey Curious Georgia,

Well well, so it seems women are peaking your interest. Who can blame you, after all, we all are gorgeous. Let me first start with, when you do seek for this woman; be sure to be honest with her. It’s only fair to her as it’s hard enough already to meet great girls & it wouldn’t be fair to lead someone on not knowing your intention as only being experimental.

I feel that the best place for a bi-curious person would be online, as you will find other bi-curious ISO of other bi-curious (you may even find them on’s personals). It would make things a lot easier for you. If that’s not your thing, then go to clubs & flirt your butt off with the cuties. If you truly want to experience the wonderful sensation of being with another woman, I suggest you experiment with a true lesbian, as it is so natural for us to satisfy our women versus bi-curious women. I have heard from other bi-curious women that their better experience has been with a lesbian versus another bi-curious, as they describe their sexual satisfaction as mediocre. That’s mostly because they lack the experience. You might find it a bit difficult getting interest in return from another lesbian, as quite a few don’t want to be a “straight” woman’s science project. Then again, you will find those that find it a challenge. Happy hunting.

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