Bush Twins

Tue. September 14, 2004 12:00 AM
by Danica Milich

My theory in life has been confirmed. When it comes to women and their professional eyebrow waxers, nobody, or shall I say no policy, gets between the two. Not even if your father is President of The United States. Now, you may be asking yourself, “Where the heck is she going with this, what does one topic have to do with the other?” Don’t fret, I’m here to give you the “411” on this earth shattering story. So, please take notes and read on.

The Chicago Sun Times has reported that our nations’ favorite rambunctious twins, Jenna and Barbara Bush, have told their eyebrow waxer, Erwin Gomez, that they would “love to come” to his same-sex nuptial celebration. Given the fact that the twins are now working for “Daddy W’s” 2004 reelection campaign he might have a little something to say about their attendance. Especially since “Daddy W” has recently tried to condemn same-sex marriage by altering our nation’s most sacred document, The Constitution. Yeah, call me crazy but I don’t see “Daddy W” being too excited to have Jenna and Babs attend this event.

Erwin Gomez, who works for Elizabeth Arden salon in suburban Washington DC has told the New York Daily News, that he invited the twins to attend his wedding to his longtime partner and truly hopes that they will attend. Gomez reportedly gave them an invitation and both girls said, “That sounds great, we’d love to come – it sounds like a lot of fun”. Gomez was quoted as saying: “the way they reacted, they were very open-minded.”

So, let’s take inventory, shall we, of the feelings within the White House families as it relates to same-sex marriage. Lynne Cheney has stated that there should not be a Federal Amendment against same-sex marriage and that the issue should be left up to the states to decide. Dick Cheney has stated that he will stand by whatever decision the President makes regarding this matter. WAIT- STOP THE PRESSES!!! Just as I was finishing this article I watched Dick Cheney, on national news, get a little bit of a backbone by actually acknowledging at a campaign rally in Davenport, Iowa that he has a gay daughter and that “freedom means freedom for everyone”.

Addressing Bush’s position on the amendment, Cheney said: “At this point, say, my own preference is as I’ve stated, but the president makes policy for the administration. He’s made it clear that he does, in fact, support a constitutional amendment on this issue.”

Before Cheney’s recent comments I was all set to blast him on this issue. If I had more time I could go on and on about him, I truly dislike him more than Bush, but since he came forward now, right before the election with these comments, I’ll give him a point for actually voicing his opinion which is in direct conflict with the President’s current political views on the subject.

This entire same-sex marriage issue is nothing more than a way for the Bush administration to throw a bone to the radical right wing of the Republican Party. By trying to pass a Federal Amendment banning same-sex marriage Bush has tried to satisfy the right wing of his party while trying to divert himself away from real issues such as the Iraq War and the economy.

Also, Dick Cheney gets a point from me because he truly has upset some conservative organizations with his recent remarks. One of those organizations is the Family Research Council.

This conservative “pro-family” organization has stated that same-sex marriage is an issue that is more important than the economy and job creation. More important??? What world are these people living in??? Get this and get it loud and clear: Queers will be able to marry in a legal manner in this country one day. It will happen. We don’t know when but the tide is certainly changing in that direction. My point here is: how can an organization that claims to be “Family” focused find that the same-sex marriage issue is more important than job creation and the economy? Now, don’t get me wrong, it is an important issue and if I had my way my partner and I would be married right now but come on people. Recent figures concerning families and children living below the poverty line have confirmed that we are at an all time low for the past 4 years.

Mothers and Fathers are having to put their children to bed hungry because they just can’t make ends meet and therefore can not afford enough food to feed their kids. Hello??? You call yourselves the Family Research Council, well then, research and find a way to make this stop. No child in America should have to go to bed hungry, period and end of story. But no, this council is more concerned with how two people of the same sex who happen to love one other and want to make it legal would affect our country’s values. Please, get a clue and get into reality, people. Kids are hungry, people aren’t working and you’re worried about Queer weddings?? Ok, I’ve worked myself up again; I must get back to the White House.

The First Family, Laura Bush has skirted the same-sex marriage issue for months. I don’t think I’ve heard one definitive response from her on the subject. Then again, that would not be out of the ordinary for her since I hardly ever hear her speak. I usually call her the First “Stepford Lady/Wife”. I say this because she always has that same grin on her face no matter what is being said. Once in a while I would like to see her own personality instead of just standing there in the shadows of her husband’s remarks. No, she is not the President and no she wasn’t elected to public office but she is an individual of prominence and the last time I checked it was 2004 and not 1950. Women truly can speak their minds instead of standing in the shadows of their husbands.

As for my favorite twins, Jenna and Barbara Bush, they seem to offer us what is best in the younger generation, an open-mind. I truly hope that they do attend this wedding. Not necessarily to make a political statement but to genuinely celebrate the nuptials of a couple that wishes to validate their relationship in front of family and friends. It’s just too bad that the relationship won’t be recognized as a legal entity.

With any luck, open-minded children of current political leaders will change the tide in future years and realize that by making same-sex marriage legal nothing is being taken away from heterosexual marriages. Instead segmented discrimination is stopped and our Constitution is fully implemented allowing all members of society to bask in the freedoms that this country truly holds dear. That’s my 2 cents ….for now.