Poem: Fruitful

Thu. July 1, 2004 12:00 AM
by Ana

Peel it open
Reveal the core
See the juice drip
Take in the scent
Lick it once
Savor the taste
Lick it again
Slower this time
Feel the softness
Nibble the top
Nibble the sides
Lick it again
Indulge in the taste
Don’t waste the juice
Don’t let it drip off
Look at its beauty
No two are the same
Let your mouth surround it
Suck out some more juice
Lick it up and around
Eat it with pleasure
Don’t rush take your time
The more you enjoy it
The juicier it will get
Don’t loose focus
It might shy away
The best part is coming
And when it does
Don’t stop
It might just happen again