What’s So Important?

Thu. November 23, 2006 12:00 AM
by Bill Pritchard

Let me ask you a question. What's important to you? Right at this moment! What matters the most to you in this instant? I wonder if you've even given it much thought before I posed the question. Truth is for most of us, we haven't really given it much thought. Maybe it's time we do.

In today's national economic situation a lot of people are thinking about their house payment; car loan; or job status. Many are thinking about their next meal. I bet if you didn't know where your next meal was coming from you'd be placing a lot of importance on that.

How about some of you that have placed importance on items that in the grand scheme of things don't really come close to the vital importance of the items listed above. You've got three meals a day; a warm home; health care; and some funds in the bank. Truly you have nothing to complain about and yet you might place value on situations and things that just don't matter.

Don't get me wrong. We all make a big deal about what's important to us, but perhaps it's time to reset our thinking to a standard of what really makes a difference .

In my twenties I had a number of opportunities to work in missions, orphanages, and youth hostels. Every time I experienced those opportunities I came away with a renewed sense of what was really important. While spending time in a Mexico mission, I saw how truly happy the locals were with what they had. My trip spending money alone was more than many of these folks would make in a year.

I would come home from those trips with new eyes for what was really vital. Most of the time, it wasn't the trivial stuff that I usually give priority to. I would see things differently than I had before. I recall seeing the wheels on a car and wondering how many families that could feed. The daily latte became a different experience too. That $3.50 a day equals to just short of $100 a month; a treasure for a starving family.

Even as I write this, I am kicked in the butt again. Is my new tie that important? Can buying drinks for friends or acquaintances be really that significant? Is someone disagreeing with my lifestyle as much of a big deal as I make it? Could someone not liking me be all that bad? Is having asthma all that horrible? In the big picture these things all pale in comparison to a Mother and Father loosing their son or daughter in the war. They don't even come close to someone loosing their home or job! I'm quite honestly disgusted with my resent priorities. I wonder; should you be too?

As a good rule of thumb ask yourself these questions out loud:

What you are doing (Or being) today to help others?

What mark is your life leaving in this word?

Have your daily activities been worth it?

Are your efforts building up or tearing down?

Is your time honestly well spent?

It's time for all of us (Myself, very much included) to pause for a moment and ask ourselves; what is really important. With all of the pain, depression, and challenge in this world; this is the moment we can truly make an IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE !