Breckenridge is a hidden gem found in Colorado

Mon. June 17, 2024 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Breckenridge was built on discovery and was founded in 1859 as a gold mining town. Some may see the area as a diamond in the rough while traversing from the Denver airport to arrive at this scenic spot. Take in the mountains, rivers and landscapes while traveling to this remote part of the world.

Breckenridge has twice the elevation of Denver so drink plenty of water while visiting this high altitude. Take it easy and breathe in that crisp, clean air when ascending the mountain to meet other ski enthusiasts. Riding the BreckConnect Gondola to the top is a breeze in just over 10 minutes.

There are more 10s across the board as 10 Mile Pride has returned in 2024 and is slated to continue. This event was held on June 15 at the foot of the 10 Mile Mountain Range and celebrated the diverse LGBTQ+ community. All-day programming included Pride-themed yoga, acrobatic performances and drag shows in the daylight. Tasting the rainbow in Colorado makes sense as the name is a derivative of the Spanish word for color.

Explore a spectrum of colors at Breck Create's workspace inside the Fuqua Livery Stable, 111 Washington Avenue. Nicole Sletta guides clients in a Precious Plastics Workshop where they can create jewelry and various artistic items.

The Bunk House Lodge continues the tradition of honoring queer history as it was opened in 1972 as a safe place for gay men to come together. This idea has been expanded for more inclusion these days and reservations to stay can be made at

A bonus to visiting Breck is that many can go car-free and walk to destinations such as the Breckenridge Troll named Isak Heartstone. Made from reclaimed wood by artist Thomas Dambo this photographic opportunity is not to be missed while hiking around the woods.

This troll is one of the many things to patrol while in this Centennial State, so take your time and follow the path of your choosing. 

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