Flyover soars over Navy Pier

Sat. March 2, 2024 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

First flights for the highly anticipated tourism attraction Flyover began on March 1, 2024, at Navy Pier, 600 East Grand Avenue in Chicago. Streeterville's latest endeavor was created from the ground up by Pursuit, a company known for eye-popping scenic experiences. This is the fourth Flyover for these expert designers following previous Canada, Iceland and Las Vegas Flyovers.

Opening at 11 a.m. every day, those interested in Flyover enter the front doors to the left of the boardwalk and head east. Take the escalator or elevator up to the second-floor ticket booth, which is across from the Chicago Children's Museum. Reservations can be booked online ahead of time or purchased in person.

Ticketholders will then wait in the front area as a video plays describing what's in store. The second area is a pre-show where the diverse communities found in Chicago are put in the spotlight. Sports, arts, architecture and transportation are depicted while being projected on a screen. The third part is the nine-minute flight in a seated chairlift contraption that suspends and moves 60 riders toward a 65-foot curved screen. They are taken on a virtual flight for a bird's eye view of buildings and landscapes surrounding Navy Pier and Lake Michigan.

This multi-sensory journey lasts around 30 minutes of time and is scheduled during operating hours throughout each day.

This unique perspective can be intense at times but gives thrill seekers a chance to soar above the Windy City. Flyover is a feast for the senses with wind, vibrant scents and misting sprinkled in for realism.

Over 750 individuals united from around the world to bring this project to life, including a solid team from the entertainment industry. The video journeys are slated to change seasonally throughout the year so return riders will see brand new sights and give room for the team to spread its creative wings yearly.

This attraction is not for the faint of heart or those who suffer from autonomic symptoms. Proceed with caution as the mechanical arm not only bends backward but also forwards with a few sudden drops in altitude. The end seats can be more intense than the middle ones so keep that in mind when choosing a spot and buckle that belt.

Guests must be at least 40 inches tall and children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult. There are many twists and turns while out on the limb so please be sensitive to those that suffer from anxiety, fear of heights or motion sickness. Some people may experience queasiness, dizziness or nausea during or after the ride. Consider this when consuming spicy or high-fat foods which can sometimes exacerbate the symptoms of motion sickness and drinking alcohol beforehand is not recommended

The running time is kept under 10 minutes as experts have discovered that the vast majority of people no matter who they are experience motion sickness after that specific amount of time. Pregnant women should not participate and tips for those with wheelchair challenges are on the website. Stationary options are offered for those who speak to a team member and have it arranged.

A little retail therapy will calm those nerves down! There are photographic opportunities for purchase in the gift shop selling both Chicago and Flyover-specific merchandise at the exit.

The warnings and precautions are in place for everyone to have an enjoyable time while exploring a first-class flight over the city. It won't dampen the fun of the overall visually stunning opportunity this gives to everyone who partakes in Flyover.

It's an example of art, creativity and technology all coming together to depict a piece of Chicago that has not been seen before. Fly over to Navy Pier and experience it for yourself!

Visit or call 1-888-895-8595 for more information. Group discounts and specials for students can be found throughout the season.