Stock up for the holidays at Soul & Smoke

Thu. December 7, 2023 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

After sampling Soul & Smoke at several special events around the city, it was time to try a full meal from the creative team Chef D'Andre Carter and Heather Bublick. Carter was influenced by his grandmother's cooking on the South Side of Chicago and his vision clearly includes the southern region of the United States as well. Braised collard greens and garlic-roasted green beans are just the beginning of the roots found inside Soul & Smoke.

Everything on the menu is a la carte and pickups are available in the three distinct Chicago neighborhoods of Evanston, Avondale or the West Loop neighborhood.

There are two food trucks and an army of delivery vans ready to roll out services around town. Picking up a personal prepped box is another option and thanks to airtight containers the freshness always remains intact. Brisket in a box never tasted so good and at home cooking instructions are provided with each order to assist in the preparation of this yummy Soul food. The secret is in the sauce with a flavor that hits all the right notes and hovers in a place between sweet and savory. Carter's Original BBQ sauce is a Kansas City style that saucy experts will be familiar with in terms of consistency.

Prepare for a food coma as this rich and creamy cooking may place diners in a food coma by the end of the experience. The garlic mashed potatoes were obviously whipped up that day and the gooey macaroni was bathed in mounds of thick cheese.

The cornbread had the texture of a traditional muffin that crumbles easily and is served with delicious cinnamon butter on the side.

The Evanston location has several indoor picnic tables to dine at, but the business is set up mainly to go. There's also plenty of merchandise to peruse through right from the shelf. Look for signature rubs and bottled sauces just perfect for gifts this season. The ribs, sausage and smoked prime brisket can all be ordered by the pound to add to a festive feast of any size.

There's no need to tip on your carryout rib tips, an eight percent service charge is already added in.

Soul & Smoke should be admired as an institution that gives back to the community, whether at a large fundraiser or sponsoring a small family in need. The team truly has its heart in the right place and it shows with a friendly staff serving up unforgettable BBQ in the Windy City.

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