There's something cooking in The Golden Girls Kitchen

Sat. May 13, 2023 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Picture it! Chicago, 2023 and The Golden Girls are moving from the Magic City of Miami to the Windy City in Illinois.

Based on the popular NBC television series The Golden Girls Kitchen has already had a successful run in both California and New York with its sights currently now set on Chicago.

The sitcom that aired from 1985 to 1992 still has a major cult following and companies have cashed in on every Golden piece of merchandise that can be found.

Prices start at $40 per person as pals of the Golden gals enter the establishment on 1367 N. Milwaukee Avenue. A 90-minute timed reservation allows some add-ons of beverages and additional sides if desired.

Guests will have to keep moving or be treated like someone from St. Olaf by management as people want to take pictures in every nook and cranny of the kitchen. Friends of Dorothy should be allowed to take their time and there is a great deal to explore on two floors.

Have a Blanche moment on the bed or lounge on the rooftop lanai while strolling about the well-decorated pop-up.

Snack on Sophia's lasagna or a bacon, lettuce and potato sandwich. Slide up to the Rusty Anchor and order a Southern Belle Libation. Wash down a slice of cheesecake or one of Blanche's Georgia Style Cookies.

The Golden Girls Kitchen has a lot to offer the diehard fanatics keeping their spirits alive and will always consider them a friend.

A drag brunch is planned at the venue starting every Sunday, June 4 through August 6, 2023. Don't miss live podcast recordings and trivia nights at various times as well.

Visit for ticket opportunities and more information.