Speakeasy Meet & Whiskey pours into a unique place in Edgewater

Sat. March 4, 2023 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Meet & Whiskey debuted in a hidden location behind the Porkchop restaurant, 6341 North Broadway on March 2, 2023. The night before special guests were invited to a private preview to sample what the new space had to offer and were all greeted with a blast from the past.

Live jazz music, a DJ and tableside-crafted cocktails were all part of the Prohibition-inspired fun during the sneak peek party on the first of March.

The Prohibition Era began in 1920 and the overall style of this liquor-banning time period continues to this day. The nationwide constitutional law prohibited the production and sale of beverages containing alcohol until 1933, but this didn't stop consumers who visited venues in secret to imbibe spirits publicly.

The challenge in creating these Prohibition-themed places is promoting them to the general public. Up to 75 people can enjoy the festivities here at one time and this spot is simply perfect for a private party of that number.

Not drinking whiskey can possibly create anxiety in nonpartakers placed a setting with the word whiskey even in the title, but not to worry, Meet & Whiskey has people covered. Delicious mocktails from the drink menu are packed with flavor in the punch!

To commemorate Women's History Month, Meet & Whiskey is serving up a special drink named after aviator Bessie Coleman that mixes flavors of pomegranate and cranberry with either gin or vodka depending on preference. Proceeds assist the Chicago Foundation for Women which supports the rights and issues of women, including trans and gender nonbinary individuals, locally.

Look for the red light in the alley off of Devon and Sheridan located in the back of the restaurant to know when the new spot is open for business. Ticket information can be granted through passwords on Instagram @meetandwhiskey.

Stay tuned for more vintage programming as Meet & Whiskey continues to evolve and expand into the future.