We all scream for the Museum of I-Scream

Sun. October 16, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Museum of Ice Cream Chicago has already been a hit with both locals and tourists after it opened in July of 2022 at The Shops at Tribune Tower. The Windy City is one of the lucky towns to have this specialized venue with New York, Boston, Austin, Shanghai and Singapore being the others.

The over 13, 500-foot square space contains 14 installations and reflects its new home in Chicago with a public transportation train ride and handing out Dove Bars that originated in Illinois.

Now through October 31, 2022, the Museum of Ice Cream is celebrating Halloween in several bone-chilling ways. Decorations are very kid friendly and not gory in any way. No one wants a good ghoul to lose its appetite when there is an unlimited supply of ice cream on the premises to enjoy.

Some of the activities have changed such as one game offered to guess the hidden flavor of three different ice cream samples and business card trivia placed in caldrons throughout the path.

The fortune teller was particularly excellent the time I visited and brought a positive vibe to the table in the bustling game room. A quieter spot would be a better place for her to read museum patrons for fun. This clairvoyant might have some new, life-changing ideas for people depending on what the cards may hold.

Buckets of various treats can be found along the way and at one sundae-making station candy bats were added on top. There is plenty of sugar to be found in this land of sweet treats and frozen desserts, so pace yourself.

Costumes are encouraged, especially pink, and don't forget that you will be removing your shoes before diving into the sprinkles pool at the big finale of the attraction so wear clean socks!

Here's the inside scoop, Suite G is the sweet spot to take a silly Instagram photo during the Halloween season or just unwind in the speakeasy. The cookies and cream milkshakes pack a punch and the churro-infused flavor is a must-try item once you find it within the maze.

This seasonal change only makes ice cream fans what the venue might do for the upcoming holidays. Prepare for Valentine's Day and keep up with future events at