We all scream for the Museum of Ice Cream

Sat. July 16, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Read all about it, the Museum of Ice Cream has finally arrived in the Windy City just in time to cool down this July. Located at the iconic Tribune Tower building, 435 Michigan Avenue Suite G, on the right side is a pink palace full of goodies to sample.

There are only four places on earth to visit these particular icy museums, New York City, Austin, Singapore and now Chicago. Not only is this exhibit a tasty place to try out samples but you can also educate yourself in the process with fun facts and trivia. Ice cream dates back to about 3000 years so you have some homework to do, Indiana Cones! 

Greeters at the front entrance encourage guests to relive their childhood and invent ice cream-inspired names for themselves to write on nametags. People will soon discover that Dove Candies & Ice Cream was started by Greek-American founder Leo Stefanos on a local Chicago street corner. Another frozen fun fact is that rainbow ice cream originated in Chicago back in 1926 way before the colors became a symbol for the LGBTQ+ community.  

Placards are placed on the wall depicting clever pop musician ice cream names such as Splitney Spears and Melton John. There are magnets to play with on the walls as well by Clixo inside the maze. Grab a copy of the Tribune newspaper from a metal box and board a train called the pink Spink-L line to take a virtual ride to a bar. The menu there has adult beverages and concoctions for the kiddies. There are vegan options on the frozen dessert menu to accompany the various sundaes and milkshakes. 

There are also plenty of fun games to engage in across 14 multi-sensory installations inside the venue. From video games to miniature golf challenges there is really something for everyone. Show off your basketball skills and whack a cone or spray water on a target in a competition before hopping on a galloping pink camel's back. Don't miss a secret door to the side where your senses will be taken a trip to another planet above a mirrored floor.

There are five different ice cream concoctions to devour with an unlimited supply so show up hungry and watch out for brain freeze! 

Be sure and take a swim in the plastic sprinkles pool and visit the colorful gift shop before leaving this sweet spot. Designed to immerse folks into a bright pink maze to explore, this place has something for people of all ages. There are photo opportunities galore, so be creative and make your own pictures unique. 

Ice skate over to for further information and to purchase tickets with specific times and dates ranging from now until August 5, 2022. Hats off to the creators of this museum as staffing a place like this with knowledgeable and ample employees these days is certainly a trick to sell some delicious treats!