Mariano's has good taste

Fri. July 23, 2021 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Mariano's Fresh Market is a Midwestern grocery store chain that opened back in 2010 and is owned by Kroger. At the 3030 N Broadway location there's a new noteworthy section called Mariano's Tastemaker Kitchen, where well known chefs and business owners are spotlighted in the store. 

The macaroni and cheese bar now has a little something for everyone with ingredients like smoked brisket and truffles added to the pasta. Customers will surely return to try everything that our talented community has to offer the world. 

One thing that Mariano's does well is have a strong, well organized layout to the store. This makes things easy to find in the clean and bright environment. It's easier to get lost in the nearby parking structure than in this place, thanks to a friendly and helpful staff that is ready to assist people. 

There's a wide variety of items to pick up, such as Murray's Cheese in the lower level. This New York City cheese maker provides a healthy mix of cheeses that can even be delivered to a person's door. There are all kinds of products that are perfect for birthday and celebrations. There's even a whole balloon store to perk up any party in the future. 

The popular Wow Bao franchise is represented at Mariano's also. Their steamed buns come in a variety of flavors for hungry shoppers. 

Oki Sushi is in that same area with fresh shrimp and veggie rolls that are all ready to be picked up daily. 

For those that crave that a little booze with their trip to the supermarket, head over to the Mariano's Bubble Bar to sip on Moet, Chandon and Veuve Clicquot. Prepare for live music on the weekends that will surely just add to the experience.

For dessert, finish off your stay with Vero Gelato. The flavors are smooth and tasty, especially after a long day of browsing through this massive venue. 

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