Sunda Chicago shines at a reopening party

Fri. July 2, 2021 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Owner Billy Dec has a lot to be proud of with his longtime project Sunda New Asian Chicago, at 110 W. Illinois. Dec is a two time Emmy Award winner that has gained success with the Sunda franchise that has now expanded to Nashville, along with his popular nightclub Underground, that is soon to be reopening.

The restauranteur flew in from Nashville to host a kick off party in Chicago on July 1 full of food, drinks and festivities.

Let's start off with the cocktails. Sunda's Peared Sake will immediately make patrons think of summer, with Grey Goose La Poire flavored Vodka, ginger, pineapple and sparkling sake. Another refreshing mixed drink to sip on was the Blackberry Limeade that's compsed of Effen Vodka, lime juice, rosemary syrup and muddled fresh blackberries.

For something a little spicy the Grass Tiger hit the spot with jalapeno infused Old Tom Gin, lemongrass, ginger beer, orange, lime and mint. Finally, the fourth drink offered that day was the Strawberry Fields mixing Grey Goose Vodka, strawberries, orange, lime, lemon, cointreau and fennel syrup. If you tried all four you were left feeling a certain type of way, most likely shaken, not stirred, and ready to dance at the Underground!

Sunda is known for its signature sushi and several servers passed around small bites for appetizers that were perfect to snack on.

For the main course, Executive Chef Brawnson Rattanavong prepared a Kamayan feast! A communal-style buffet was plated by the staff consisting of seafood, grilled meats and vegetables. Delicious sauces were poured over the rice and fruits were placed on the side.

Kamayan translates from Tagalog to mean "by hand" and that is how it is usually eaten, although chopsticks and utensils were supplied for those that chose to use them that night.

For dessert, a traditional Filipino shaved ice conconction was presented called Halo-Halo, which means "mix-mix." This combined the crushed ice base with sweetened beans, fruit, chocolate chips and sprinkles all on top. Placed in a Chinese take-out box, this sweet dish was packed with suger and perfect for a hot, summer day.

Sunda has opened its doors to the public once again, after surviving a tough pandemic, and it was treat to see what they have to offer these days. Take a trip to or call 312-644-0500 to start planning a party there today!