Marina's Cafe cooks with amor

Thu. July 1, 2021 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Craving some authentic Puerto Rican cuisine? Well, look no further than Marina's Cafe in Avondale, at 3517 N. Spaulding Avenue. Owners Eric Roldan and Hector LaPorte have brought their roots to the table with dynamic results.

Marina's Cafe is named after Roldan's mother and he carries on her legacy by cooking with love. LaPorte is a trained chef with a background of opening over 25 restaurants in the Chicago area. The duo are now working out of a ghost kitchen, but will surely see the reality of a brick and mortar cafe, with even more options, in the future.

As of now, Marina's Cafe is available for carryout, delivery apps and catering. The company uses high quality containers and that keeps their products fresh and hot.

Start off with empanadas made with plant based beef and dipped it in one of the traditional housemade sauces for added flavor. One might expect the empanadas to be soggy in a to go order type of setting, but not in this case, they were both quite crispy.

Offering whole chicken wings is becoming a trend for restaurants and at Marina's Cafe, the sauce stands out. It was both sweet and savory at the same time. The wings were truly unique and will have diners ordering more in no time.

For sandwiches, the traditional jibarito is made with flattened, fried, green plantains that come with a choice of meat. The chicken option was full of cheese mixed with 48 hour marinated chicken thighs, muy deliciosa! Go vegetarian with portabella mushrooms or embrace the meat of the slow cooked pork sandwich when sampling these hearty possibilities.

For dessert, there is caramel flan, coconut pudding or the cheesecake rolls with a guava sauce.

Wash it all down with a traditional sweet carbinated beverage of Kola Champagne for the complete PR experience.

In the Avondale area there is not much in the way of Puerto Rican cuisine offered, so expect this kitchen to be quite busy and making bank. Not only should we support our local businesses, but Marina's Cafe is half gay owned, wepa!

Visit for a high quality website to learn more about the quickly growing company and place an order today.