Smokey Bones hits the spot

Mon. May 31, 2021 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Smokey Bones has found a new home at Kitchen United Mix. The restaurant group of Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill is also part of The Wing Experience and The Burger Experience all under the same roof. This allows patrons to sample all kinds of food at the same time.

Orders can be placed online for delivery or try carryout at the kiosks located at the Kitchen United Mix Food Hall at 205 W Wacker Drive. It's easy to zoom up and the company even brings it out curbside. They can text you when your order is ready if you order online and submit your phone number.

Start with the whole wing at The Wing Experience with 50 unique flavors. There is so much meat on the bone that you may never go back to traditional size wings. There's even a wing, burger and bones club to join for exclusive offers.

Dip over to The Burger Experience for a traditional burger in a delicious XTC experience sauce. Mix it up with the green chile burger with a chipotle mayo or the mushroom swiss topped with horseradish mayo.

Crinkle fries are my favorite and these had a good amount of salt, which I prefer in side order.

The Memphis rub on the ribs for Smokey Bones is a must try item and has a husky, deep flavor that you won't soon forget. The meat falls off the bone and right into your mouth. Thank heavens for the wet naps supplied in the to go order as this could have left me a hot mess!

I was looking for more desserts at Kitchen United Mix and found one that really satisfied with the layered chocolate cake offered at Smokey Bones. My piece was rich with a fulfilling taste that really hit the spot.

Visit for so many food choices that your head might explode, but your stomach will thank you in the end. Get ready for a ghost kitchen that will make you feel the spirit in your Smokey Bones!