Porkchop BBQ Will Make You Squeal

Sat. December 12, 2020 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Looking for a new spot to pig out? The restaurant group known for massive mounds of meat, Porkchop, has opened a new location and this one is at 4551 N. Pulaskin Road in Albany Park. To celebrate the opening, all carryout to-go orders are now 20 percent off until Dec. 31, 2020. Delivery is also an option through GrubHub, DoorDash and Uber Eats. There are many challenges with running restaurants during the current pandemic, but Porkchop is pivoting and preparing to eventually invite patrons indoors to see the establishment in the future.

Get ready for rock music to continually blast from overhead speakers as guests will be able to mingle in the smartly designed bar area and sit in the modern dining room together.

This restaurant group promotes a casual style and atmosphere where people can chow down on pig and so much more. Being from Tennessee, I have tried lots of barbeque in my days, but what makes Porchop different than many is the combination of offerings on the menu. While the ribs are solid and meaty, it's adding their flavorful barbeque sauce that will make your tastebuds squeal! The brisket was better than most I have tried. Sometimes brisket is burnt or tough, which is what happens when things are not cooked correctly. This also makes Porkchop's pulled pork easy to devour, not a taffy pull. It was tender and enjoyable, but easy to overindulge in.

Add a few sides to the main entrees, like the stringy mac & cheese and the one of a kind baked beans, and watch that waistline grow.

The size and variety in Porkchops menu helps them stand out from the pack. Just remember, that gamy smell will seep into your pores once you dive in to that meaty menu and you will crave more!

Plans are in the works for the Polaski Porchop to serve breakfast for early risers when the restaurant restrictions are lifted. The chef treated me to a preview of the lobster benedict and it was magnificent. The recipe is fairly simple with a poached egg on toast a side of potatoes, but the execution was what elevated the dish. Everything tasted extremely fresh and proves that it's a good idea not to serve breakfast items for delivery as it just wouldn't taste the same.

Look online for more of what Porkchop BBQ has in store for folks these days at There is more information about Polaski and the other locations such as Porkchop returning to the West Loop!

Remember, all Porkchop restaurants offer a twenty percent discount for people in the military and first responders. This company supports heroes daily and obviously has a good time running a business. That's a concept we can all go ham on!