A new organic option opens downtown

Fri. March 1, 2019 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Nic's Organic Fast Food is the nation's first organic drive-thru and finally arrives in Chicago at 180 North LaSalle. Located conveniently across from The Daley Building, this spot is perfect for the Downtown lunch crowd. If my office was closer I would be over there every day!

After visiting a much fancier establishment earlier in the evening, I was blown away by the taste that topped more expensive places where I have dined in the past.

The organic cheeseburger was quite moist and delicious and the tatter tots, while some might find salty, I really couldn't get enough of, especially with a variety of dipping sauces. Variety was the definitely the spice of life in this restaurant as the fountain drinks were not the usual ones. The cream soda was a nice choice to wash down an organic sundae.

The whole meal was fulfilling without feeling overfilled. Visit for more details and locations.

Yolk Test Kitchen just opened near Bucktown with a nice, new layout. The breakfast chain continues to expand with more than 10 locations and plenty more planned on the horizon.

The Test Kitchen offers different options than the typical Yolk restaurants. Try the avocado toast or the Y.T.K. benny with poached eggs and bacon sausage on an english muffin.

The coffee bar is out of control with so many house made brews that it can be overwhelming. I asked the beverage director about the hot chocolate, but he curtly said, "It's not being sampled today." Guess this merits a return visit to check out more at 1767 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Visit for more about this inventive breakfast hot spot.