Finding the motivation to lose weight

Thu. May 31, 2018 12:00 AM
by Kevin Lee Gonzalez

G is for G-Funk "I've had to watch my weight all my life."

Rachel Guerrero is a 38 year-old wife, mother and banker from Phoenix, Arizona. At age 10, she was put on her first diet and, like many, she has struggled with her weight most of her life. She was determined to be a healthier person upon her 30th birthday, losing 75 pounds. She was successful at keeping this weight off for almost five years, but, by the end of 2016, she had gained most of it back.

"I was having trouble finding the motivation," she said.In January 2017, a friend convinced Rachel to join Jabz, a women's boxing fitness gym focusing on cardio, strength training, plyometrics and core strengthening. Although she stuck with this gym for a year, Rachel saw no results due to lack of changing her diet and 100 percent determination."I was really embarrassed ... I felt like a failure," she said.

A day after her 38th birthday this year, Rachel committed to a 60-day challenge the gym was offering. Halfway through, she had lost three pounds and three inches. Initially disappointed, she found a silver lining in strength, endurance and overall stamina. After the 60 days, she had lost an additional three pounds of fat and more inches. Rachel started sleeping better, feeling better and feeling strong."Legs, I've come to appreciate their strength," she said.

Rachel's favorite exercise incorporates legs. Squats, deadlifts, kicks and hiking in the Arizona scenery are her favorites. She wakes up at 5:30 a.m. before work to start her day with a workout. She feels invincible after these workouts, and that feeling is a great motivation for her. Other support Rachel has to keep her going is her family, friends and trainers at the gym. She feels a strong sense of camaraderie and really doesn't like missing a workout.

"My goal is to work on my relationship with food," she said.Admitting to be a 'number of the scale type of person,' Rachel realizes that isn't the mindset to keep her successful. Working on diet, celebrating successes and not mood eating are all within her ability to stay on the right path.

More About Rachel: Favorite Movie: The Godfather – "because I think everyone secretly wants to be Corleone."Favorite Drink: "A nice rye whiskey on the rocks."Favorite Food to Cook: "I'm a proud Latina, so anything Mexican, (including) chile rellenos and ceviche."Favorite Band/Singer: "I'm really into bluesy rock right now. Patrick Sweeny, Kaleo, Gary Clark Jr., Arctic Monkeys & Black Keys. I can't pick just one."Favorite Color: Arizona Cardinals RED