Keep It Casual: Get into the Dog Haus

Sun. March 25, 2018 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Gourmet hot dog joint Dog Haus Biergarten just opened its first Chicago location at 2464 N. Lincoln Ave.

The menu is full of food and puns. This may make diners try items like the Chili Idol and the Free Bird or run from the Scott Baioli for political reasons...

The Hausburgers are served on Hawaiian rolls and this is a bit problematic. This non traditional bun can make a mess everywhere if one is not careful, especially with an egg on top!

The Little Mule combined many things that I love such as avocado and American cheese. Speaking of cheese, make sure and try the cheese tots alone or set sail on The Love Boat combining chili, tater tots, and slaw.

For more information on this neighborhood late night hot spot visit or call 773-935-DOGS.

A new casual chain has flown into Schaumburg and PDQ is not clucking around! Short for People Dedicated to Quality, this 1320 Meacham Road location offers a variety on the menu. Items like the Thai Peanut Bowl make this place stand out.

There are chicken sandwiches to satisfy any taste ranging from pimento cheese to honey butter.

For dessert the chocolate peanut butter shake will hit the spot so don't leave without one!

Visit to find a location near you today.