Kitty O'Shea serves up a new menu

Fri. July 7, 2017 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Kitty O'Sheas at Hilton Chicago, 720 S. Michigan Ave., is the Windy City's oldest Irish bar. To some that might seem dated, but by bringing in top chefs with sustainable ingredients found right on the roof things are kept fresh.

Executive chef Mario Garcia took guests on a tour of the new menu recently with some spectacular results.

After trying the candied bacon at Baconfest this year, it was a treat to sample it once again. The asparagus salad was served in mason jars bringing me back to my southern roots. The heirloom potatoes made the dish solid and good accompaniment to the hearty shephard's pie.

The Kitty O'Sheas burger is staple garnished with horseradish aioli and the award winning mac and cheese had my stomach growling with the delicious cornbread.

While much of the cuisine offered on the standard menu is comfort food these new offerings are bound to bring in a more broad palate.

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For a brand new dessert spot head to XO Marshmellow Cafe + Wonderland at 6977 N Sheridan Rd. Located close to the college area in the city there is an immediate feeling of a young business. The decor has a strong feminine touch throughout. Wonder women Kat and Lindzi have brought their unique idea to life in this new spot with true innovation.

Marshmellows are mixed with champagne, bourborn, and kahula among other spirits. I expect more combinations for the future as the sky is limit.

Try the hot cocoa and espresso bar to wash down a super sweet whoopie pie while there.

Be sure and check out the XO merchandise available for purchase in the store. See for more.