SafeHouse Cracks the Code

Fri. March 31, 2017 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

SafeHouse snuck into Chicago this week for a premiere celebration on March 30 at 60 E. Ontario. Tourists were beggin to come inside the private party but guards outisde protected VIP guests.

The Milwaukee SafeHouse was originally opened in 1966. Now 50 years later the owners are hoping Chicago will take the bait.

A secret password was needed to obtain entry. If forgotten new agents were detained and questioned. It felt like we were at O'hare for a second.

Once inside, the decor was full of high tech gadetry, machines of destruction, and even a cone of silence. Memoriabilia and artifacts adorned the walls.

The lighting was dark but added to the experience.

For the hungry spy try the Wisconsin white cheese curds. There are also blackened chicken tenders and homemade meatballs among the appetizers. The ahi tuna salad is offered for the health conscious. The buttermilk fried chicken sandwich is tasty with the chipotle mayo.

For cocktails the busy bar has skilled bartenders that make concoctions like the Spy's Demise with Malibu rum and lemonade. The Spy-See is cleverly named with Casa Nobles Tequila, lemonade, and jalapeno.

Some information for agents entering the establishment for the first time is:

No reservsations are currently allowed and all members of the party must arrive together to be seated. After 8 p.m. guests must be 21 and there is a cover charge after 10 p.m.

Visit or call 312-3131-007 for more informaiton.