Max-imizing Saved by the Bell

Tue. October 18, 2016 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Saved by the Bell was a popular sitcom that ran on NBC that followed a group of students at Bayside High School. A pop up tribute to the restaurant featured on the show opened to sold out crowds called The Max at 1941 W. North Ave.

Turns out people love being emmersed in nostalgia and the stay has been extended to Dec 29 of this year. It may last longer until they Screech on the brakes.

Showing past episodes of the series and playing music from the era submerged the diehards into their favorite TV show.

The burger and fries were good and the staff very friendly, who obviously have a lot of fun working there.

I spoke with Bennett Tramer who was the former head writer for the show about why there were not any gay topics on Saved by the Bell. "I wish now we would have done that. We did do environmental issues back then that were ahead of the times. It turned out to be a great experience. I am humbled by the fans. Who knew it would last this long?"

The team behind this phenomenon now give fans another opportunity for a Saved by the Bell experience at The Attic, 1575 N Milwaukee Ave on Fri. Oct. 28. While tickets are sold out some walks in to the party at 9 p.m will be allowed for $20. Mr. Dewey will be chaperoning that night!

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