Boiling Over With Flavor

Fri. July 8, 2016 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

In Logan's Square at 2210 N. California Ave. lies The Boiler Room. For six years this pizza hub shows it has a lot to offer.

The decor alone is entertaining with cargo straps on the booths and reclaimed wood in every corner. School desks align the wall and CTA remnants decorate the bathroom. Don't be startled by the train announcements while washing your hands!

Herb gardens grow on the roof and the back patio uses local artists for grafitti.

There is a large selection of appetizers to start off with such as the bruschetta with fresh burrata. The olives are delicious. The PBR meatballs have a house marinara sauce and are served with a side of warm focaccia.

The PB&J special offers a slice of pizza, a PBR tall boy and shot of Jameson for $8.50 every day.

The pizza dough rises for two days and they use cornmeal on the bottom of each pizza that just adds to the taste. There are several specialty pizzas to pick from such as the pesto forever that is light and tasty. It can remain vegetarian or chicken can be added.

Building your own is also an option as far as pizza goes and look for seasonal toppings throughout the year such as turkey pizza during Thanksgiving.

Desserts are paired with boozy soft serve flavors of vanilla Jameson and chocolate New Belgium Fat Tire. The Jameson cheesecake packs a punch!

To wash it down the specialty cocktails are not overwhelming with the snake oil containing gin and lime juice. With names like the trap queen and the lion's dick, it is begging for a return trip to try more.

Promotions during the year keep things lively such as PBR Bingo and vegan nights on Tuesdays.

An almost completely scratch kitchen and the right combination of original ingredients makes this a pizza place that is cutting edge and fresh feeling.

Don't forget Boiler Room is a cash only establishment. Here's a tip, use the ATM and bring them a receipt.To offset the fee they offer a free Jameson shot!

Visit for more information and swing by today!