Like a Big Pizza Pie

Fri. July 1, 2016 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Head out to 1400 Butterfield Road in Downers Grove to try the new kid on the block. Olive Theory Pizza has only been open eight months but seems to be a hit with locals filling up the place. Family owned and operated is working with a nice attentive staff involved in production.

The unique idea is to build your own pizzas. People in line loved the process of picking out fresh ingredients with this hands on approach.

For thos that can't make decisions there are many ready made options. The Darwin's Natural Selection satisfied my meat loving self with the perfect combination.

The side salads were plenty big and the price was just right. Acutally all of the prices were extremety reasonable.

The oreo pizza for dessert was a little gooey for my taste but the homemade cookies are another option if that is not your style.

To wash it down local beers and soft drinks are offered.

Hopefully more a city location opens in the future and a free standing venue is what this hot pizza spot deserves. Stay tuned to the website for future developments at