Holiday Home Sales

Thu. December 15, 2005 12:00 AM
by Greg Jarvis

Contrary to popular belief, buyers shop for homes all year round, including the holiday season. In fact, sellers who put their homes on the market during the holiday season (roughly between November and January) may have an advantage because there are fewer houses on the market so there's less competition.

There are several other reasons to consider putting your home on the market during the holidays:

1. Many home buyers have extra time off during the holiday season so they have more time to look for their new home.

2. Because of the limited supply of homes for sale, sellers may be able to receive a higher purchase offer than expected.

3. Buyers looking for homes during the holidays are usually highly motivated to buy before the end of the year so they can get extra itemized income-tax deductions for mortgage loan fees, interest and pro-rated property taxes.

4. Festive lights and holiday decorations can help a home "show better." Here’s your chance to pretend you’re Martha Stewart and have it actually pay off. Holiday scents such as pine, cinnamon, mulling spices and cranberry can help make a buyer feel very much at home. Fresh baked holiday cookies can be served to buyers and smell great.

5. Because January is traditionally the month for transfers, having a home on the market at the end of the year can capture the transferees who may not be able to wait until the Spring to buy a home.

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