Pizza Party at Chop Shop

Mon. April 4, 2016 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

The first ever Chicago Pizza Summitt packed in the people on Sunday April 3. There were two sime slots to choose from and both sold out. For three hours each the event space in the back of the Chop Shop was filled to capacity in the afternoon and at night.

There were twelve different restaurants to choose from and they ranged from local to large chain offerings for pie lovers.

A few vendors ran out of pizza they were so popular but more was delivered throughout the day. The pizza ranged the whole gamut from thin sliced New York style pizza to deep dish stuffed full of sausage.

Pizza in a Bag was an original concept brought from the Taco in a Bag group. They combined chips, sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, and basil all together in a shiny little bag.

At times it was a bit awkward to juggle the plate and the beer at the same time so hopefully more high tops could have been filled in.

There were a few missteps with a macaroni pizza that seems yummy in concept but fell flat. The pork belly pizza from Pie Eyed got lost in the other flavors covering up the pork.

The stand out was Flo & Santos who presented orginal flavors brought by Mark Rimkus who was there in attendance.

Old Style beer was in every corner helping to wash things things down. If the crowd wasn't stuffed full in those three hours then something must have a tape worm.

Rocker and one of my past interviews Andrew WK spoke and videos were shown above to entertain while DJs was spinning old school rap.

Home Run Inn finished off attendees with a delicious cupcake for dessert.

Let's hope this event happen annually the whole weekend long next year because this Sunday left everyone filled to the brim with bread and cheese.