Dining and Reclining

Sat. July 18, 2015 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

The Yorktown AMC 18 just got a little yummier. Now with the new Red Kitchen up and running this cinema has creatively mixed casual and upscale dining with some good results. The menu was top notch starting with crab & avocado sushi rolls and wedge lettuce cups. Burgers begin with a brioche bun, bacon, brie cheese, sweet fig jam and baby arugula calling the clever sandwich "the royal." There were baskets for dinner such as simple chicken tenders and fish and chips. For dessert there's warm doughnuts and chocolate brownie milkshakes. Don't worry about feeling full after this calorie crushing meal but there are lighter brussel sprout and grilled chicken quinoa bowls to help in that department.

The recliners were comfortable maybe a little too much with people taking off their shoes and stretching out into the aisle making it difficult for servers to manuever around them. Simply pushing a button brings assistance but this includes talking during the movie and we are already in a day and age where people are comfortable to chat in a movie theater or play with their bright screened phones disturbing guests around them. It can be diffcult to dine in the dark so keep that in mind with the mess. While very children friendly expect a disaster with macaroni in every possible crack and crevice.

Overall, the menu is well executed with knowledgeable chefs and a brillian open kitchen concept. For those of us that remember drive ins and dining in our cars, this is step in the right as red direction!

Located near the Yorktown Shopping Center in Lombard it's a bit of drive from the city but more roll outs of this style are promised for the future. Visit for more information