Chocolate Fix

Wed. March 9, 2005 12:00 AM
by Andy Farriester

Have you ever ran into a smell, so strong that it flooded your brain with once suppressed memories? Has the smell of baking pie transported you to a childhood experience at Grandma's? Scientists refer to this phenomenon as "olfaction". Due to my inexperience in matters of science, I will forgo explanation of olfaction, so as not to come across as a total idiot. Basically, we've all experienced this. A smell takes us back in time to a certain experience or memory. For me, walking into a cady shop, is my olfaction. That first waft of sugar and chocolate, I am immediately whisked back in time to my childhood. The smell of fudge, gently simmering in a bowl. The crinkle of plastic, as I slowly remove it to get to the goods and then there is the first taste. The chocolate melts into silk on my tongue. In turn, creating all that is good with the world. Chocolate is universal. Everyone has their favorite and everyone swears up and down on how to eat it. Slowly, bit by bit. Place it in a freezer and smash it to pieces for frozen bits of heaven. However you eat it, I recommend dashing out right now to these area candy shops to fullfill that choco-urge. Remember that Easter is early this year. These shops have everything you need to fill the basket and most will custom make one for you. Please call ahead for any custom orders.

Sugar Buzz- 2909 North Broadway; 773-935-3347: Sugar Buzz is a fitting name for this confentionary treat on North Broadway. Sugar Buzz carries an extensive mix of nouveau chocolate treats but also houses some oldies but goodies. Got a hankering for a Val-O milk? They've got it. Sugar Buzz custom makes all baskets, on site. Each basket ranges in prices from $5.00 to upwards of $45.00. The owner, Charlie, also carries candies and chocolate goodies specifically for Passover. I highly reccomend making your way in the morning for a perfect cup of coffee. The coffee's almost as good as the conversation.

Windy City Sweets- 3308 North Broadway; 773-477-6100: This candy shop in the heart of Boystown on Broadway serves up more than just eye candy come summer time. Owner, Jerry, hand-makes a large portion of the wears in the store.The decadent peanut butter s'mores, or one of my favorites. As with Sugar Buzz, all baskets can be customized to fit your occassion. Please call ahead, or better yet, stop in and spend some time browsing the aisles. You'll surely feel as if you've stepped into Willy Wonka's lair.

Margie's Candies- 1813 West Montrose; 773-348-0400: The soon to open second location of this family owned candy store ( The first location is at 1960 North Western; 773-348-1035)is set to open in time for Easter. They will sell what they are famous for. To die for hand dipped chocolates and killer sundaes. Nothing says Easter to me like a massive box of hand dipped chocolates.

The Chocolate Bar- 2957 West Devon; 773-381-1770: Once you step into The Chocolate bar, you'll scratch your head, pondering if this is really a candy shop. The Chocolate Bar is as swanky as it gets for candy stores. Gleaming counter tops and rich wood interior. One may have to fight the urge to talk in hushed tones. The Chocolate Bar does cater to the Jewish community, so this is the perfect spot to pick up that passover treat, or just a treat in general.

Bon Bon- 5410 North Clark; 773-784-9882: Located in the ever expanding Andersonville neighborhood, Bon Bon will set your taste buds aflight. With an affinity for ecclectic spices thrown in for good measure, your sure to find something here you will not find anywhere else. Not only are these sweet treats wonderful but they also look too good to eat. All chocolates are made on site. Each one, a work of art.