Valentine’s Day

Sat. February 5, 2005 12:00 AM
by Kafka Wine Co.

Once again the sexiest holiday of the year is here! Whether you’re crazy in love and ready to celebrate, or alone on the couch and drowning in your sorrows, one thing is for sure; a glass of wine (or two) will definitely be in order! I always like to pour a glass of rosé, in honor of Cupid’s favorite color. Now for those of you nay sayers who have a "pink wine prejudice" we are happy to report that the days of sugary sweet and unbalanced white Zins are over. Our roses are classic in style- refreshingly fruity, crisp and elegantly bone dry. And here’s their best kept secret- they’re remarkably food-friendly and go with almost anything you serve. Below are listed just a few of our staff’s favorites. Pick up a bottle now!

Chateau Routas Rosé ’03 Provence, France $11.99
From the French region particularly famous for its rosés comes this lively, salmon-colored wine with aromas and flavors of berries and spice! Serve this one with pork or seafood.

Marques de Caceres Rosé ’03 Rioja, Spain $8.99
A fine Spanish example of rosé filled with wonderful flavors of ripe cherry, vanilla and subtle spice. Cheap and easy to drink, it’s a hit with our regulars.

Mionetto Sparkling Rosé NV Veneto, Italy $11.99
Shaped like a bowling pin and sealed with a pop top, this is the one to open if you and your sweety are celebrating. These fun pink bubbles burst with strawberry and cherry flavors, yet finish dry. We love this one!

And don’t forget our First Fridays wine tasting series held the first Friday of every month. Bring your friends or come make some new ones! Call to reserve now. Space is limited!

By: Joe Kafka
Kafka Wine Co., 3325 N Halsted
(773) 975-9463